My next-to-latest tattoo, fully healed. (She got a new neighbour last month.) Absolutely incredible work by Gillian Turner Ink at the Otherworld Tattoo Parlour in Glasgow, and a truly fitting tribute to the grace, elegance and charm of the extraordinary Audrey Hepburn.

As it happens, Kim was booked in for the very same day to commemorate a Golden Era Hollywood icon of her very own.

Cleopatra herself, Ms Elizabeth Taylor. (This was taken within minutes of Gillian finishing – healed shot with less angry shading to follow!)

Gillian’s own tattoo seemed particularly pertinent that day, the appointment occurring a very short while after David Bowie’s death. The Thin White Duke also provided the soundtrack to our day of tattooing.

Audrey: the before.


And after!

I think my elation was fuelled equal parts by happiness with the finished result and joy that it was over. The area around her ear was the only part I found genuinely painful (above and beyond the regular discomfort that accompanies being stabbed repeatedly by a needle for three hours); though Gillian did inform me that my reaction to having my elbow tattooed (which is to say hysterical laughter every time it touched my funny bone) was an uncommon one.

And finally: John’s turn!

His tattoo design comes from the work of renowned Scottish artist, Rennie Mackintosh.

His actual pain threshold is very high, but John’s skin always reacts very angrily against tattooing – hence that lovely pink hue blossoming over his arm.


Would you believe that t-shirt choice was a complete coincidence?

A finished (and recovered) shot of Kim’s spectacular Elizabeth Taylor, which I grabbed from her the last time she was over for a photoshoot! (Flipped because, like mine, Kim’s is actually backwards so that it appears the right way round to her in a mirror.)

Ordinarily I’d wait until a tattoo was fully healed before filming a video but I was far too excited about this one to wait. (I think this was taken pretty much as soon I walked in the door – hence the sheen of healing Bepanthen cream over the surface!)

And another shot of the finished products, several months later. Audrey Hepburn: one of my greatest idols, whose legacy will now continue for at least as long as I do.

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