Campaign shots for Exotic Ecdysiast by Kim Khaos: traditional burlesque costumes for a modern age! Photographed in the glorious setting of The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall – the world’s oldest surviving music hall, right here in Glasgow. You can see the video we filmed below, and the full set of photos under the cut (along with some behind the scenes shots).

You can find more of Exotic Ecdysiast’s clothing on their Etsy page, and follow them on Instagram @ExoticEcdysiast. You can also follow the very talented lady behind the brand @Kim_Khaos.


This was a particularly enjoyable shoot, being that it also constituted my first visit to the Panopticon (which I had no idea even existed!). We felt very important on realising that they’d closed the entire building for us.

We were in very good hands, having been offered an all-access pass and full guided tour by Mr John Celestus (who also very kindly donated himself as my lighting crew/photographer’s assistant for the day). John told us all about the building’s fascinating history: from the time it was built in 1857 to the famous names that have crossed its stage since; not least amoung them, Stan Laurel (of Laurel and Hardy) who made his stage debut here in 1906! That same year, the owner oversaw the installation of a freak show (whose performers lived in this very attic), rooftop carnival, waxwork exhibit, and the excavation of the basement to host an indoor zoo – the logistics of which are just baffling!

Ever a believer in multi-tasking, I used the time it took me to set up the lighting to make a new friend; in the form of this taxidermied Gharial crocodile.

I am, at all times, a consummate professional.

One last view of that stunning interior.


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