Christmas photos aren’t technically late if you post them before January 25th, right?

Merry Sith-mas! The Best Christmas Jumper® in honour of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (which I’ve now seen three times…)

There was a definite theme to this year’s holiday attire.

7 seasons later, and John’s education is complete. Thank you for being a friend.

I don’t know what it says about us as people that Kim and I both independently gifted one another Gordo the Weirdo’s creepy little peepee based on an obscure in-joke from a movie we watched 4 months ago.

(To be clear, that’s the audio track from the movie, not me doing a flawless Jason Bateman impression.)

Home to Dundee, commencing the annual tradition of my brother and I watching the shittiest horror movie we could find. This year it was Black Christmas – an utterly plotless sorority slasher – and Rare Exports – a Finnish thriller with a decidedly darker take on the origins of Santa Claus.

Molly passing judgment.

Bah, hum-pug!

Humphrey has finally completed his transformation into a Buddha.

Astoundingly, I managed to stay off Santa’s naughty list. (Clearly he hasn’t been following my snapchat.)

‘Tis the season.

Our first Christmas in 16 years without Lucy, but at least she could be there in spirit.

He’d had a hard day.

Unearthed an actual fossil while I was home.

I fell asleep at my brother’s house and woke up to this. Actual animal whisperer.

Game of Thrones Monopoly!

Daenerys herself wasn’t an option so I settled for the dragon egg.

The best card, haha.

Back to Glasgow for Christmas with John and the cats.

My mystery gift from John. New year, new face… (Horror to follow.)

Christmas dinner in Glasgow, looking surprisingly similar to the Christmas dinners I had in Japan.

Huge thank you to everyone for the presents! (The games were from John, who only has himself to blame for the fact that MGSV has taken over my life.)

Last Skype of the year with my transcontinental besties, where Lindsay had gone from a profile picture to a CBC logo. One of these days, she’ll actually make an on-camera appearance.

And finally: Game of Thrones Monopoly Round 2 with John’s siblings and their other halves. (I was decidedly less successful than I had been against my brother.)

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