And, bringing us fully up to date, the latter half of 2015. (Hey, this is still a step up from posting the last set of Halloween photos in January!)

A trip to the GoMA with Kim, currently lit up in neon for Ross Sinclair’s “We Love Real Life Scotland”.

The rest of the Devils in the Making exhibition.

…which wasn’t terribly inspiring.

As above…

…so below.


That’s not pee, it’s squuuuirt… If you don’t know it, for the love of god don’t google it. (Or if you must: watch Willam watching it instead.)

Afterwards: getting our white girl on with the Vampire Frappuccino.


Lest they feel left out: Alf, commandeering the bedsides cabinet while I was trying to strip the bedsheets.

Wilfred, in his new favourite spot.

And Minerva, casually mountaineering the doors as is her Bengal wont.

My Death Star pumpkin. I realise I already dedicated an entire blog post to its creation but I’m still inordinately proud of this thing.

Halloween! I went as a mid-transformation Mystique from the X-Men.

John putting his knowledge of anatomy to good use. You can see some more photos of our costumes here.

For the second year running, we headed out to the Riding Room for some debauchery with Mr Tom Harlow.

Jack Squat, and his inspired kraken act set to “Somewhere Beyond the Sea.” (At one point, he eats a Barbie Andromeda.)

The sultry stylings of Miss Kim Khaos.

Smoking Kills.

Thankfully, e-cigarettes do not! They do, however, assist wonderfully in creating an aura of mystique. (ba-doom-tsh!)

Valhalla or Bust.

Kim and trying to get a decent picture together. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Governess John was about as thrilled as he usually is when supervising Kim and I at the cinema.

Happy Halloween!

Charting the seasons through Starbucks beverages, we continue with the new autumn warmers range and the hot mulled grape.

And finally: the most significant happening of the past very long while. He was too modest to make the announcement himself but thankfully I’m more than happy to brag on his behalf. After 13 years of training, please join me in heartily congratulating Dr. John, BSc (Hons), MBChB, FRCPath Parts 1 and 2!

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