A random assortment of photos from what could laughingly be referred to as “summer” 2015.

Dignity, thy name is Minerva.

Wilfred chillin’.

The pitfalls of working from home.

I hope everyone enjoyed Wimbledon as much as Minerva.

Cat nap.

The Official VIP Launch of the 2015 Scottish Icon Awards. I think the biggest shock was that the organisers themselves were shocked by people’s less than favourable response to the makeup on the female models. Like, how do you go through the entire stage of planning and executing this look without one person stopping and asking: “Hold up, guys…”

Kim Khaos in Grindhouse.

(The reason I can tell these photos are old? She’s since revamped this costume completely.)

Red for filth.

French Rosé courtesy of VMG, as a thank you for helping out with her airbnb occupants while she was gone. The day after she dropped these off, we had a guy come to put up a shelf in the kitchen, who walked in to see the counter space occupied entirely by wine bottles. Realising that he might get the wrong idea, I hastily explained that they were from a friend and that I’m not a raging alcoholic.

Wilfred being nosey (ba-doom-tsh).

Alf, that really doesn’t look remotely comfortable.

Back in Dundee in August. Lucy!

I’m not saying my mum’s pug is obese, but he literally has a hairband of fat around his head.

This was, not coincidentally, the same weekend I went back to Dundee to shoot Pam’s wedding.

The next day: bbq and bouncy castle! (A dangerous combination.)

Colin and Kim back from Japan for their sister(/in-law)’s big day. Colin had actually arrived a few weeks earlier and spent his first week with me in Glasgow (playing Beyond: Two Souls from start to finish, among other things) until everyone else he knew complained that I was monopolising him, haha.

Stephen (who’s since gone up to study in the highlands.)

Rusty the Husky! Just like the time John had wanted cats his entire life and his family got two of them as soon as he left for university, Kim’s parents got a dog within months of the two of them moving to Japan.

“HELLO, I AM HERE,” he announces; physically bursting through the wall.

Boris: singularly the most enormous dog.

I don’t think this picture does justice to the fact that his head was about twice as big as Colin’s.

Looking deceptively sedate.

Every time I see this photo, I think of this tweet:

Back in more familiar, feline surroundings.

Ryan! (And his friend Danielle, who was also over from America for the linguistics conference.) I’m now one Royal Sanno reunion short of a complete set in meeting up with my old neighbours from Japan. Joylene is currently letting the team down, though there are plans in motion for 2017.

Ryan was only in Glasgow for a week, so of course I made him try haggis. (Mine was vegetarian, so had 100% less sheep’s heart, lungs and liver boiled in its own stomach.)

Legs for days.

Meet Lana and Lexy: latest additions to Kim’s avian brood and the fluffiest chickens in Glasgow.

This was my first time seeing silkies in real life and I could barely contain my joy. As evidenced by my love of pugs and persians, I have a particular soft spot for animals which look like ridiculous versions of the animals they’re actually supposed to be.

The Tina Turner of chickens.

And here they are in glorious, bawking motion.

Afterwards: a jaunt to the Botanics to shoot the video for El Tigre.

Afternoon tea at Once Upon a Tart

Such a crazy amount of food for the price!

We had to box more than half of it and take it home…

…because I was running late for my Skype date across 3 continents! Lindsay’s video wasn’t working so we recreated her profile picture in solidarity.

Among the more eclectic sets of films I’ve ever bought in one go.

Seeing Sinister 2 at the cinema which meant, unlike with the last one, that John couldn’t walk out of the room and leave me to watch it by myself. (Not that that was much of a concern since it ended up being a pale, horror-by-numbers imitation of the first one.)

But, speaking of things that genuinely are horrifying: I’d spotted this during the zombie run and went back to see whether it was placed there as part of the game.

As it turns out: no. There’s just a terrifying, burnt-out husk of a person propped up on a picnic bench year round.

The evening I joined John’s staff night out for a murder mystery at the Argyll Hotel. (Photos courtesy of the Murder Polis Facebook page.)

John is on the case.

There was a poultry theme running through the evening, with each of us having to assign ourselves a chicken name. (I was originally going to go with Hen Solo but – after a shocking number of people didn’t get the reference – eventually went with David Peckham.)

Needless to say that my raging competitive streak kicked in and our team won the whole thing, haha.

Jaunt through Kelvingrove, en route to a guerrilla photoshoot at the museum.

Another shoot with Kim, this time to capture the elegant splendour of Mrs Taylor.

Afterwards, Kim brought it to my attention that you can hand-feed the squirrels in the park and ever since, the world has been a better place.

Magical! (With the minor exception of precious angel who innocently mistook my fingertip for food. Thankfully, I’m up to date with my tetanus shots.)

Because you can never have too many Romy & Michele tanks.

This has become my default gym outfit, so long as I remember to deduct 16lbs for my shoes.

Lady face.

A fantastical lady collar on a lady blouse.

Wilfred looking terribly proud of himself for conquering the shoe box.

A pleasant surprise in the mail: I completely forgot that I’d pre-ordered this!

The rarely-spotted trifecta!

And a self-portrait to finish, with the warm glow of sunset acting as an ersatz tan in lieu of there having actually been any sun this summer.

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