This summer: a Scottish/South African union at the wedding of Pamela and Armand.

Mere months after I’d left them in Japan, Colin and Kim were back on Scottish soil (albeit temporarily) as I continued my duties as this family’s official wedding photographer!

Parents of the groom.

Matching my shirt to John’s tie was wholly unintentional. (We’d gotten dressed in separate cities.)

As with Colin’s wedding, Pamela’s niece, Caitlin, was on flower duties.

And her father, Erik, was on doubly-duty as father-of-the-bride and minister!

I’d been looking at the weather forecast that week with mounting panic, which – as it turns out – was completely (and blissfully) unfounded. The general consensus was that the bride’s father had “put in a word with the Big Man upstairs.”

Pam’s dress was a beautiful vintage fabric.


The evening reception was held at the fantastic Avery & Co.

A combination of Kim’s and Pamela’s handiworks. Because when your married names are A. Kok and P. Kok, what else can you do but embrace it?

Mother of the bride. Elizabeth’s speech was actually beautiful, and wonderfully inclusive – she even managed to get John and me in there! Suffice it to say that there were very few dry eyes afterwards.

One of the best ideas I’ve seen at a wedding (and very generously donated by Armand’s brother who was in Australia and couldn’t make it himself): each guest was given a £20 drink ticket which your drinks were deducted from until it was used up.

Of course I immediately tried Avery & Co’s signature marmalade mojito. I also went for the strawberry and coconut daiquiri, though I’d like it noted for the record that the one in the background of this photo was Colin’s.

Build your own gingerbread giraffes.


The bride and groom also asked all of their guests to draw a self-portrait on shrink plastic, which they planned to turn into fridge magnets. I may have gotten a little carried away. (Basically I drew Wilfred and then felt guilty for not including the other two.)

A thoroughly energetic first dance!

A huge congratulations to the newlyweds, and an equally huge thank you for having me there on the day!

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  1. Markus McD says:

    Congratulations to the lovely couple!
    Holy, Mark, your photos are AMAZING and gorgeous – never fails! The clarity of the images, the colours, and the sheer joy of the subjects – superb! I would be absolutely delighted to have photos taken by you!
    Ps. Great outfits on you and John!

    • Mark Liddell says:

      Thank you on all counts! I always describe myself as taking wedding photos in a photojournalistic style, because I think the real story of the day is told when the couple aren’t posing for photos. It’s the moments in-between where the magic happens!

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