“Hatching the Past: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies” at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Since I only took pictures of the more interesting exhibits, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was £5 well spent. I’m here to tell you that it was not.

Outside of the actual fossils, the entire exhibit (three tiny rooms in the basement) comprised of a few, slapped-together interactive models for ages 6 and under: including, but not limited to, a pit where they could dig for buried dinosaurs eggs…in a sandbox that didn’t actually have enough dirt to cover them.

It might appear as if we’re having a great time, but Kim was actually laughing at how hilariously shit and outdated the informational video was.

It was particularly disappointing because I actually love the Kelvingrove, and am rarely disappointed by their exhibitions. This, however, was perfunctory at best and – at worst – a crudely transparent attempt to cash in on Jurassic World, released that same week. (JW, incidentally, I loved, and saw twice in the space of 3 days.)

The museum’s twitter team actually got back to me and said that it’s “not intended as cashing in, it’s more about encouraging kids’ love of dinosaurs!” to which I responded that I definitely got the “kids” vibe – the issue being that there was nothing to indicate that it was geared towards children until you’d already paid the entrance fee.

This is how we ended up amusing ourselves.

Excuse you.

no hablo inglés.

If nothing else, it led us to the discovery of Dumpling Monkey on Dumbarton Rd which does really great lunch specials for £4 – though I realised slightly too late that the tofu was not the vegetarian option. Just not my day apparently!

  1. Markus McD says:

    Haha thanks for the fair warning – however, these pictures do show that no matter the adversary, times are fun when you’re with Mark and Kim!

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