A casual Saturday night surviving the zombie apocalypse.

“2.8 Hours Later is zombie themed tag on an epic scale. You’ll find yourself in the city five years after the original outbreak. Zombie infection rates outstrip births and humanity is on the brink of extinction. You are amongst the last survivors.

You are given a mission: somewhere there is a laboratory. In the laboratory is something of great value. Find the lab, discover what it contains and bring it back. But between you and the lab lies 2.8 miles of marauding zombies. Will you make it without becoming infected? Will you survive the night?”

I actually discovered the existence of this game last year when I saw a group of zombies marauding through Buchanan St and realised they weren’t, in fact, locals. (You’d be surprised how difficult it is to tell them apart on a Saturday night.)

It plays like a cross between Resident Evil and The Crystal Maze, and though the chases are exhilarating, the puzzle-solving elements are where it really shines. This guy, for instance, was chained to a keypad, requiring half the team to distract him while the others sneaked in behind to input a code.

There’s also an orienteering component, with each keypad giving you the map coordinates to lead you to your next destination.

…some creepier than others.

Another heart-stopping moment, when you realise the keycard you’re currently holding has the incorrect code for the keypad in the room, and the only other card in sight is in the hands of the “dead” body on the stretcher…

Another reason Glasgow is perfect for this sort of game: built-in production value. The walls are already splattered with dried blood!

The scientist who wanted us to creep into an ambulance parking garage to collect some hidden vials.

A band of mercenaries called The Suits, who may or may not be helping you towards your goal.

If you can’t beat ’em…

I understand that the would-be undead attend a “zombie school” prior to taking part in the game. I’m going to assume this guy was valedictorian because good lord, he was committed.

…as evidenced by the genuine terror on Kim’s face.

Back at base camp, where the teams were divided into survivors and infected.

I managed to survive any fictional ailments, though I did completely bust up my (very real) knees in the process. Such are the costs of choosing to protect your camera vs your person during a fall. (But hey, at least I’m self-healing!)

John, on the other hand, was quickly flagged as one of the infected, and sent off to quarantine. Which is probably to be expected when you affiliate yourself with Sunnydale.

The great injustice of John managing to look this good whilst covered in fake blood.

Ellen was similarly ill-fated.

Success! Minus the two blondes on the left, who (not to stereotype) were caught within minutes of us leaving the base camp.

Cue this.

Afterwards: the zombie disco.

The game has completed its run in Glasgow, but will continue through the rest of the UK over the coming months. If you’re a fan of zombies, puzzle solving, and generally having the shit scared out of you, I’d highly recommend it! Tickets and info available here.

  1. Markus McD says:

    Haha this looks amazing! I would defend the blond-honour 😝

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