A casual Wednesday of hedge mazes and palm tattoos.

In celebration of Glasgow’s Green Year 2015: the Glasgow Green Maze – a pop-up installation to raise awareness of sustainability

Toponymically speaking, Glasgow actually means “dear green place,” so it’s nice to see the focus this year on a cleaner, greener city.

There was also, for no very good reason, a piano in the middle (through which I was able to demonstrate my one skill learned throughout the entirety of music lessons in high school – the ability to play the chorus of Barbie Girl.)

A-a-maze-ing, uh-uh-uh-maze-ing.

We are very serious purveyors of greenery.

Mistook that for some crispy kale, did ye?

Billed as a “green labyrinth”, they were perhaps overselling it somewhat (the hedges were more like threadbare potted plants which you could see through to the outside world) but it’s a cute idea nonetheless.

It probably didn’t help that you could literally walk the outside perimeter without any diversions and still make it through the maze.

Thanks, scabby hedge maze!

And what other way to entertain oneself on a weekday than with some palm tattoos.

Kim “I feel nothing” Khaos.

Also a first for Gillian, who had never tattooed palms before!

…probably because no one has ever been mental enough to ask for them.

All done!

  1. Markus McD says:

    Omg, love the maze and the piano!!! What a cute idea 🙂 Ps. Kim has stellar hair and makeup!
    Yay new tattoos! Congrats!

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