Continuing the recent spate of spring birthdays: a day trip to Glasgow’s multi-award winning Riverside Museum in celebration of Kim’s 23rd!

The museum is home to over 3,000 objects that detail Glasgow’s rich past, from its days as maritime powerhouse to a glimpse into daily Glasgow life in the early- to mid-20th Century. Located on the site of the former Inglis Shipyard, the building sits on the north bank of the River Clyde.

We were beyond entertained before we’d even entered.

A teeny, tiny birthday Kim.

Annie’s beautiful brooch.

For my money (figuratively speaking – it’s free entry!), the coolest part of the museum was this incredible recreation of the old streets of Glasgow, with access to dozens of shops dating from 1895 right through to the 1980s.

Almost all of them are fully explorable, including this Edwardian photography studio.


Portrait of a Photographer.

Photographing Children.

Annie spotted this creep-tastic photo hanging in the darkroom.

As it turns out, it’s an example of Victorian “spirit photography” – Photoshop’s spiritual (pun intended) forebear. This particular work by William Hope was purported to be a “man with the spirit of his deceased second wife.”

With my fancy new bonnet (which wasn’t quite as impressive as my pregnant jester costume at Kelvingrove.)

Photo by Kim! (Who has adopted my previous dSLR, Betty, and is giving her a new lease of life now that I have Hilda.)

A little easter egg we spotted above the storefronts.

Some vintage camera porn in the window of the pawn shop.

Another Wally Dug, just like the ones we spotted at The People’s Palace.

If there’s not an entrance to Narnia behind this thing, I’m going to be thoroughly disappointed.

Kim’s absolute rapture could only mean one thing…namely that we’d found the dressmakers.

This section really was amazing – an accurate, full-scale recreation of a pre-1977 Glasgow subway, featuring salvaged items from the former Merkland Street subway station.

A slight step up from the current model!

Reppin’ our 2015 subway cards.

Next on our tour of subway cars through the ages.

These miniature cars always remind me of my granda. (He has hundreds of them.)

Nostalgia! I may have gotten waaay too excited about the ‘80s Star Wars figures.

Garage pin-up.

The Tall Ship, berthed just outside the museum.

(Side note: this was actually the first time I’d worn that Yayoi Kusama tank, despite buying it almost a year ago. As it turns out, I’d ordered the wrong size entirely, but Kim has very kindly hemmed it and made it wearable at long last!)

My second fit of excitement, when I discovered this rather incongruous exhibit amongst the plethora of vehicles.

You know you’re the wrong audience for the Transport Museum when you’re most excited about the Audrey Hepburn dress and the Star Wars toys.

…though it has to be said that Kim and Annie were also sartorially preoccupied.

Vintage catwoman.

And one final go on the giant grass sofa (after we fended off a herd of children).

  1. hbhatnagar says:

    Loved the walkthrough. 🙂

  2. Chekovita says:

    Great post – great photography! Thanks

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