After a seemingly interminable winter, Scotland was finally blessed with some sun this past weekend, so we went for a wander around the beautiful campus of Glasgow University. This photo was taken in the Gothic-style cloisters on the grounds, and is notable for encompassing two of my latest loves: the backpack John got me for Christmas (bringing me one step closer to my dream of one day being Lara Croft), and my brand-spanking new, ultra wide-angle lens which has (quite literally) opened up a new world of possibilities in my photography.

I’ve been in the vicinity of Glasgow Uni countless times but this is the first instance where I’ve actually taken time to explore the campus.

Bringing the sunglasses out of retirement.

Say what you will about the variety of filters available on Instagram, but there’s no light more flattering than sunset.

John was particularly excited about the weather because it gave him an excuse to break out the “fun shoes”.

(For all you fellow ANTM fans out there, my Wilf-a-like t-shirt was actually designed by Allison Harvard,and is the very same one Sutan Amrull/Raja commented on when I met him a few years back!)

The Escher-esque stairway leading to the Hunterian museum – my third visit this month, albeit this time by accident. (There’s an entrance right behind the cloisters.)

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