I’ve recently begun to re-read the Whitby trilogy by Robin Jarvis, and it’s probably quite telling that my childhood favourites had a George R. R. Martin-worthy death count.

One of the coolest aspects of living in the digital age, however, is being able to experience the books again whilst communicating with the actual author!

As it happens, I actually met him in person once on a class trip in primary school – I think I asked him if he’d based the Whitby witches on anyone he knew or if he just hated old people.

Finally! An answer! (The Aufwaders are the race of reclusive and mysterious race of creatures who live by seaside and are invisible to most humans except those with “the sight”.)

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  1. foxybinx says:

    Strange request I know but by any chance if you still have those copies could you possibly email a photo of the back cover of The Whitby Child please?

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