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My apologies for the sporadic posting of late – I’ve had my hands full planning my first trip back to Japan in 5 years! As some of you might know, I actually spent several years living there as a teacher, so this is also something of a (second-)homecoming. As this will be my first time travelling there as a non-resident, however, I can finally take advantage of the Japan Rail Pass, which provides unlimited train travel across the entire country!

This also means that I can visit the southern islands of Kyushu and Shikoku for the first time, before I start travelling far (far) northwards again, back to my former home of Akita. I’m not planning on bringing a computer so (barring the one blog entry I still have scheduled) I won’t be able to post while I’m out there, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of images to share once I get back. I’ll also be posting my day-to-day photos over on Instagram while I’m away, so please feel free to join me there if you’re interested in my following my travels. See you all in a month!

I’m excited to announce that a collection of my photos are now available for exclusive licensing through Getty Images Prestige: “a carefully curated selection of the world’s most powerful imagery, Prestige images are distinguished by their unique aesthetic approach, exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Created by award-winning photographers and art directors, curated by our leading editors, and available for exclusive use.” I also have over a hundred other images available for licensing on Getty, which you can view right here.


The half-year round-up of all the photos that didn’t fit anywhere else!


John and I celebrated our 12th anniversary this weekend. (We had a terribly romantic evening and went to see The Avengers.)

Another trip down Glasgow’s Otago Lane, this time to visit Tchai-Ovna: a bohemian teahouse located in a former, early-19th-century stable.


Continuing the recent spate of spring birthdays: a day trip to Glasgow’s multi-award winning Riverside Museum in celebration of Kim’s 23rd!


I’ve mentioned before that my condition to myself on getting tattoos was that they had to represent significant milestones in my personal history. This particular one is dedicated to the four wonderful years I spent attaining my Master’s degree in English at the University of St Andrews, and my enduring love of the written word. It’s also inspired by the beautiful work of Austin Tott, whose (in his case, rather less permanent) design was the perfect symbol to represent those ideas.

And, on an equally belated note: a finished photo of the very first tattoo I got (almost a year ago already!). A dual inspiration, being my very favourite quote (and one you might very well recognise as the title of every blog I’ve ever run), in the handwriting of one of my very favourite people – the incomparable Audrey Hepburn:

Are not there little chapters in every body’s life, that seem to be nothing and yet affect all the rest of the history?

~ William Makepeace Thackeray, Vanity Fair

(All of my tattoos are by the very talented Gillian Turner.)

After a seemingly interminable winter, Scotland was finally blessed with some sun this past weekend, so we went for a wander around the beautiful campus of Glasgow University. This photo was taken in the Gothic-style cloisters on the grounds, and is notable for encompassing two of my latest loves: the backpack John got me for Christmas (bringing me one step closer to my dream of one day being Lara Croft), and my brand-spanking new, ultra wide-angle lens which has (quite literally) opened up a new world of possibilities in my photography.


I’ve recently begun to re-read the Whitby trilogy by Robin Jarvis, and it’s probably quite telling that my childhood favourites had a George R. R. Martin-worthy death count.

One of the coolest aspects of living in the digital age, however, is being able to experience the books again whilst communicating with the actual author!


If any of you are Tumblr users, you might be familiar with this photo of Minerva as a kitten, which now has something insane like 300,000+ notes. The above recreation, however, was taken on this very day, in celebration of her second birthday! A tad bigger than when she arrived, but no less crazy. Long may her reign of terror continue!