You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Photography
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It was my birthday earlier this month, which I spent in the company of my fellow dinosaurs, and with a cocktail in both hands.

Starting the day in the grand tradition of John’s previous birthday cards immortalising Wilfred.

After my birthday gift to myself (a long overdue haircut), we went on a daytrip to the Hunterian: the oldest public museum in Scotland, on the grounds of Glasgow University. It was actually recommended by my hairdresser after I told her that I wanted to spend the day exploring places in Glasgow I hadn’t been yet.

The comforting part of spending your birthday in a museum is knowing that everything there is older than you are.

(My new hair!)

Our good friend Nessie (or one of her plesiosaur kin).

That jumper was, coincidentally, one of my birthday presents from John!

A cast of Australopithecus afarensis, aka ‘Lucy’ (who recently made an appearance in the excellent Scarlett Johansson movie of the same name). In 1974, a team of palaeontologists found this three million year old female skeleton of an extinct hominid in Ethiopia’s Rift Valley.

The rare sight of John being dwarfed by something (in this instance, a diplodocus leg.)

A false killer whale (aka a demonic dolphin).

The world’s creepiest birthing doll. Seriously, this is like the Annabelle of anatomical learning.

Voltaire and Rousseau. Visiting this shop for the first time this month – where the books fight for space from floor to ceiling – left two sides of me very conflicted. As a student of English literature, I thought it was the most amazing monument to the written word. And, as someone who alphabetises their kitchen spices, I think I had a tiny aneurysm.

A late lunch at The Left Bank: Ayrshire chips in rosemary salt, with a sweet potato soup.

And then (after heading home to feed the cats): dinner at Chaophraya – one of my favourite restaurants in the whole of Glasgow! This was tofu pad thai: a vegetarian version of the national dish of Thailand.

The restaurant choice was actually meant to be a surprise, though we ran into something of a snag when I told Kim that fact and she said, “I bet he takes you to Chaophraya.” From there, we entered a no-win situation whereby, if she was right, the surprise was ruined, and if she was wrong, I would be disappointed that we’d gone anywhere other than Chaophraya, haha. I quickly established that it was the former when John permitted me to leave the house with less than twenty minutes leeway, which would only happen if our destination was within literal spittting distance of the subway. (I’m not saying that I’m compulsively late to every event, but I do prefer to be there closer to the “just on time” end of the spectrum.)

Chaophraya also has a great selection of authentic Thai cocktails, the non-downed one here being a Siam Smile (Absolut Vanilla Vodka, passion fruit & pineapple juice topped with champagne).

Triple fisting. (Here’s to ‎growing old gracefully‬!)

And, rounding off the weekend, a visit from my family! (The first time I’ve seen them this year.)

Best birthday present from my brother; and the perfect excuse to watch it for the 236th time (now in full HD!).

A little more lowkey than last year’s birthday, but a great one all the same. (And, all things considered, John had probably set the bar a little high with a transatlantic destination.)

  1. Markus McD says:

    That could be a 31… or a 37 :O
    Hahaha oh no I didn’t!

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