A fantasy of light and sound at Glasgow’s iconic Botanic Gardens – part of the West End Festival 2015.

Full disclosure: the mixture of neon lights and botany was giving me heavy Joel Schumacher vibes (which is to say that I was thinking of Uma Thurman’s terribly understated performance as Poison Ivy the entire time).

The Mr. Freeze-esque ice cream props weren’t helping.

This was actually a test shot I took whilst waiting for the area to clear of people. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised that little boy’s expression had completely made the photo.

As it happens, Fabs are also my favourite kind of ice lolly.

I’d actually never noticed the Charles Rennie Mackintosh roses on these benches before until John pointed them out.

(Speaking of hidden patterns: you can’t tell from this picture but there are actually cameras on my scarf.)

This exhibit was very cool: you spoke into a megaphone and a voice-activated pattern generator would projected these web designs onto the screen.

Stylish (headless) scarecrows.

John actually abandoned me at this point because I climbed over those hedges to get better photos. (What?! I didn’t pack a zoom lens!)

We arrived just in time to see the very talented troupe of fire performers.

Added bonus: the temperature went up a good 10 degrees every time they came near us (the realisation of which meant that I felt slightly less concerned about their relative undressedness.)

My favourite part of the whole event: the creepy, wailing, abandoned subway tunnel.

This is actually the closest I’ve ever come to seeing the lost station, which has lain derelict below the Botanic Gardens for the last forty years. There are, however, covert entrances dotted around the city (of varyingly questionable legality).

The plants in the actual greenhouses were looking a little worse for wear, though I don’t know if that was on account of having several thousand more visitors than usual or just the fact that it has been generally freezing for the last few months. (I wore fingerless gloves for ease of picture-taking and was in danger of losing my upper phalanges by the end of the night.)

Thankfully the night’s figurative coolness far outweighed the literal kind.

  1. Markus McD says:

    Yes very Poison Ivy-esque!
    Or even a reminder of American Horror Story’s Coven, in the greenhouse room where they made potions with mortar and pestle 🙂

    • Mark Liddell says:

      Yes! …though I’m now reminded me of that sweet scene between Cordelia and Misty in the greenhouse and the fact that Misty Day is still cutting up frogs in hell for all eternity. 😦

      • Markus McD says:

        Awww yes, that was a cruel way to make her go. I figured she would just die and they’d bring her back again; didn’t realize it involved crumbling into dust! 😢

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