…which is as tenuous a Christmas pun as I can fit into the belated posting of these photos.

I was particularly impressed at having finished my shopping the Friday before Christmas – something of a miracle given that I started that same Tuesday. God bless you, Amazon Prime 30-day Trial.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Adorable zombie gingerbread man courtesy of Kim.

Also courtesy of Kim and Annie: the Bill pillow! Billow! If Wilfred were a Muppet, this is exactly what he’d look like.

Merry Christmas from the Millar-Liddells!

Wilf getting into the festive spirit. You can’t tell, but he’s thrilled.

My amazing Christmas jumper, which you can see in its full glory below:

After a week of festive movies with John, it was back to Dundee for Christmas #1 with the family.

I actually bought this for my mum on Liberty Island back in March!

Ensuring that my transition from Glasgow to Dundee was a seamless one, Miko shared my bed every night I stayed there.

Christmas morning.

Bah, humpug!

I think I was as excited about this wrapping paper as I was the present.


Giftmas! I was especially excited to relive my childhood through the complete ‘60s Batman series on blu-ray. POW! ZAP! GAY SUBTEXT! (It even plays the theme tune when you push the button on the box!)

My presents for my brother.

Well – Maleficent and Hordak.

I’m very rarely responsible for anything involving a clown.

I am, however, inordinately proud of making this Piranha Plant from the Mario games.

You’d think that being an old lady would grant her a reprieve from being dressed up every year, and yet…

These little carrot cake Christmas puddings from M&S were amazing, and probably the largest contributing factor to my winter weight.

This Russian Roulette box of chocolate-covered bugs, on the other hand, was a pretty effective appetite suppressant. “Which Bug’s a Bug?”

…that one, apparently.

We took it in turns to try them, though I got off remarkably lightly; and of the three I ate, only one was entomologically inclined. Keith and mum both got the crickets, which is just as well since my Christmas dinner would probably have made a reappearance.

Mum and granda, who managed to get himself hit by a car on Christmas Eve!

Apparently he was no worse for wear.

Family portrait proving that, in situations where John’s not around, I’m actually tall.

Celebrating her 15th Christmas with us, though looking somewhat less dignified in her dotage.

After everyone had left, mum and I got drunk and watched Die Hard. Merry Christmas! haha

Bobby making himself a nest.

And Harry, rounding out the menagerie.

Kim, knowing that my mum is a crazy pug lady, bought her a puggy bank, which now lives beside the pug lamp…

…under the watchful eyes of the pug Christmas tree decoration.

My brother and I have a tradition of watching shitty horror movies on Christmas Eve. This year, we also spent Boxing Day watching back-to-back episodes of vintage Batman.

Lewis, whose fur has grown back after last year’s incident involving a bizarre flea allergy.

And Molly, who doesn’t realise her own size and likes to be picked up like a lapdog.

Dusting off the Star Wars Monopoly. (Leia and I won after setting up a ruthless hotel chain on Cloud City.)

Lego Rancor is just about the cutest thing.

Piranha Plant in situ.

My brother tending to prefer morgue-like temperatures and me being cold in almost any given climate made things somewhat difficult when we used to share a room. His house as an adult is much the same, though I thankfully a had a very accommodating hot Molly bottle every night I was there.

Aaand back to Glasgow for Christmas #2. I’m not exaggerating when I say that half of those presents were for the cats.

If you were ever in any doubt as to why I ended up a crazy cat lady.

Not that they were complaining.

Dinner and Funny Face, which has inadvertently become our Christmas tradition since the year John flew out to be with me in Japan. ❤

John was delighted with his lump of coal.

A massive thank you to all of the friends and family who thoroughly spoilt us this year. Particular thanks to John for getting me that amazing, vintage leather backpack, ensuring that I’m one step closer to my dream of becoming Lara Croft.

Every year the cats are lavished with presents, and every year they’re more interested in the wrapping paper and boxes.

  1. Markus McD says:

    Omergawd, amazing photos! Amazing gifts, amazing peeps, amazing pets! I can feel the love!

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