With a few hours to kill before a cinema trip – and our intended movie being less than high art – Kim and I decided to get our culture on and took a day trip to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum.

Graffiti at Kelvinbridge.

We’d actually gone to see the Alasdair Gray exhibition, but gave it a miss upon learning that it was £5 entry and that there was a free one on at the GoMA. (You say cheap, I say economical.)

The Egyptian room.

“This armour was used to settle family disputes.” Wait, what?

“Arthur, did you stack the dishwasher? So help me god, I will fetch the shark-tooth sword and durian helmet.”

Secret selfie.

“In this scene from a French poem, Paul bravely carries his devoted playmate over a raging river. She later drowns at sea and Paul dies broken-hearted. This sentimentality appelead to the Victorians.”

Paul and Virginia, 1841
William Calder Marshall

I don’t remember the story behind this, I just thought she had the cuntiest face imaginable.


“The young Glasgow art dealer Alex Reid shared a flat in Paris with Vincent van Gogh for a few months in 1887. During his stay Reid posed for this portrait.”

Portrait of Alexander Reid, 1997
Vincent Van Gogh

And onwards to the cinema.

If you’re curious, Kim’s dress is a subtle clue as to which movie we were seeing.

  1. Markus McD says:

    Paul’s playmate should have learned the first time to stay the eff away from water. Jeez.

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