Posted: January 15, 2015 in Photography

Playing catch-up with the latter half of 2014: Halloween at the Riding Room!

Cat came over to our place beforehand for costuming and pre-gaming.

Death Becomes Us. You can see these costumes in their full glory here

Crazy Cat Lady! John had originally planned to make her into the half-dead and crazy version of Catwoman from the end of Batman Returns, but couldn’t find any of the materials to pull the costume together. By strange coincidence, however, she did end up looking a lot like like Selina Kyle after she’s been pushed out the window and gnawed back to life by feral cats in the back alley of a Shreck’s department store.

Onwards to the Riding Room, where Tom Harlow was unveiling the results of his latest nip and tuck.

She’s never looked better.

My broken neck kept unravelling and required some minor maintenance throughout the night.

We actually ended up being an hour late because, as it turns out, it takes longer than 20 minutes to cut and style plastic wigs which are entirely resistant to heat.

Next up: perennial lightbulb bothered, Kim Khaos!

Lock up your glassware.

This was something of an interactive performance, with Kim coming down from the stage so that I could feed her broken glass from the shattered lightbulb. Talk about a trust exercise.

On stage for the best costume competition…which we won! The He-Man troupe were very gracious in defeat, and proceeded to reject their consolation prize and call Kim a cunt.

Somehow we found consolation in our free vats of cocktails.

Tom channelling Gaga at the VMAs 2009.

One guy in the front row proved hilariously squeamish, and turned several shades of nauseated during this performance.

While both of our costumes received compliments (and a few photo requests!), it’s fair to say that John’s look received the lion’s share of the compliments. I was ok with this on two fronts, first because John deserved most of the credit anyway having cut and styled both wigs himself and done the majority of the makeup, and second, because I knew going into it that Helen was the cooler costume but I’d insisted on being Meryl Streep!

The evening’s final musical number: Time Warp.

Kim improvising the tap-dancing section, haha.


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