…and, you’ll be happy to hear, my last opportunity to use these atrocious Finland puns.

In order to maximise our remaining time with Anu, we sneaked her into our hotel on our final night for a sleepover, where we quite literally talked about boys and braided each other’s hair. (All John’s handiwork. Who needs a tinker tailor soldier spy when you have a doctor hairdresser model makeup artist?)

With the better part of the day available to us before we had to leave for the airport, the three of us made one last trip into the city centre for a last round of sightseeing.

The mythical Finnicorn.

Whenever John and I are on holiday, we try to pick up some fabric for Kim as a thank you for cat-sitting while we’re away. (See also: our trip to Mood Fabrics in New York.) Where possible, we try to find something evocative of the region we’re visiting, and few textiles meet this criteria quite as well as the emphatically Finnish Marimekko.

(In this particular instance, however, I confess to a certain level of self-serving since I also bought an extra fabric in the hopes that she could make me a t-shirt…)

Put a bird on it!

Lunch at Amarillo. Authentic Finnish Tex-Mex!

We had planned to visit the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, but the ferry pulled out just as we were arriving. Anu was secretly overjoyed, on account of being the only Finn in the world who deemed her visit there “lame”. (Literally everyone else we encountered listed it at the top of their recommendations.)

This did, however, leave us free to have coffee aboard one of the ships in South Harbour, aboard which I charted a course for distant Glasgow.

And – because we couldn’t resist its piscine charms – a final trip to the Herring Market! Note John’s and my genuine delight (and also the fact that I spent the rest of the day unintentionally reppin’ Marimekko).

Anu, content with having lured another batch of men into her fishy lair.

The world’s most miserable juice salesman.

One last look at beautiful Finland.

…and a sad farewell to the newlywed (mitigated somewhat by a solemn vow not to leave it 10 years before we see each other again).

Despite flying with KLM, our flight home was surprisingly disaster-free. Apparently everything that could go wrong already had.

Red moon over Amsterdam.

And whilst I always love travelling, there’s one thing that ensures I’m always happy to return. Because home is where the cats are

  1. Markus McD says:

    Those fabrics look extra lovely and fun!!
    Glad you had a great time!
    A flight attendant gave a go at a pun, that went something like this:
    “I noticed there were a lot of different ethnicities going to the bathroom this trip. Those headed to the washroom were Russian, those in the stall were European, and those leaving were Finnish.”
    But, of course, yours were punnier!

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