Senate Square

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Photography
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On our first full day in Helsinki, we finally made it farther than a one-block radius of the hotel and headed into the city centre. It wasn’t long before we ran into another familiar face.

Reunion #2 with Lorna! (Though we last saw her in 2011, which – whilst still overdue – wasn’t quite as bad as the 10 years that had passed since we last saw Anu.)

After brunch, we headed to Helsinki Cathedral.

Senate Square and its surroundings make up the oldest part of central Helsinki.

I may or may not have been standing 2 steps higher.

John did a Rocky montage run up these steps to get to the cathedral. Lorna and I stayed at the bottom and laughed at him.

A more representative view of Finnish architecture.

The reason John looks so overjoyed in this photo is actually because the people sitting to the left of us had a King Charles spaniel – his absolute favourite breed of dog. (The reason there’s not a photo of the dog itself is because his owners looked terrifying.)

By the time we’d done some sightseeing, Lorna’s boyfriend Juri (aka the reason she now lives in Finland) had finished work, and so the four of us went to dinner at the Viking restaurant, Harald.

Unlike Japan where “Viking” restaurants are all-you-can-eat buffets, Finland uses the term rather more literally.

I took the “Voyage of Freya”, which included the Goat cheese chicken (“of the Valkyries”) glazed with beetroot syrup, and served with Wine of Wisdom sauce, Viking shield potatoes, honeyed root vegetables and rhubarb jam.

Afterwards, Frigga’s chocolate cake: double chocolate, sweetgrass ice cream, cherry jam and bilberry sauce.

It’s hard to look stately with a pigeon on your head.

Lorna and Juri live a little outside of Helsinki and since he’d been up since about 6 in the morning because he’d started a new job that very day, we parted ways after dinner so that the two of them could head back home. Since it was still relatively early, however, John and I went back to Senate Square to see the architecture by night.

Just round the corner is Uspenski Cathedral…

…which offers a lovely view of its neighbour from on top of the hill.

Helsinki Cathedral is a Lutheran church, whereas Uspenski is Eastern Orthodox.

And, finishing as we began: John looking beautiful in front of a blurry background (which will, I think, be title of my first coffee table book).

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