Jay Brannan – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Photography, Video
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Live at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow. (15/10/14)

Support band, Anton & the Colts.

By strange coincidence, I noted to John how much the guitarist looked like Freddie Prinze Jr when they first took the stage, only for the lead singer to comment on that very same fact 20 minutes later.

This was actually my fourth time seeing Jay perform, with at least two of those occurring within the span of this blog. I’m officially at the stage where I need to be issued a loyalty card or a restraining order.

This particular tour was in promotion of his new album, Always, Then, & Now, which I hadn’t actually heard in full prior to the gig. I’d already been a massive fan of the single Square One, however, and – after hearing him sing my new favourite, After All This – I’ve since bought the entire album on iTunes.

Performing No Ship – the first song he’d ever written with his balls.

The only downside to the evening was – as always – the behaviour of the Glasgow crowd, for whom I always feel like I should be issuing a vicarious apology. The absolute lowlights this time round: a girl – front row, centre – who proceeded to get blackout drunk as the evening progressed and seemed to gain a decibel for every murdered brain cell. By the end of the night she was literally yelling at (and over) Jay, though I was equally frustrated with the group of friends she’d come with who made zero effort to mute her thundering inanities. (I truly do not give a fuck what that your mum just tagged a photo of you on Facebook, nor should I be able to hear that conversation over the sound of someone I’ve paid to see.) She was, however, debatably better behaved than the surly old man in the back, who – though equally drunk – was far more malicious in his heckling and proceeded to shout, “Jay, ah fuckin’ paid to hear music,” every time he tried to tell an anecdote. His interruptions finally got to a point where he was forcibly ejected from the premises (eliciting a grateful cheer from the rest of the audience), though he had, by that stage, visibly soured the mood, and likely ruined the night for Jay himself. The truly idiotic part is that – certainly for me at least – part of the charm of seeing a performer live is hearing their thoughts beyond what you could listen to via their music; particularly Jay, who always makes a point of telling stories that actually relate to the city he’s performing in. If I wanted to hear one track after another with no element of human interaction, I’d go home and put the fucking album on.

One small irony: the story Jay had been trying to tell was that he’d been wandering through Glasgow’s Necropolis the previous night and didn’t realise that the pavement underfoot had given way to actual tombstones. As a result, he was reasonably convinced that he was now cursed – which was hard to disagree with by the end of the evening.

To his credit, Jay handled the whole thing with much greater grace than could be expected in the situation – though that’s likely because he has, rather embarrassingly, had enough practice from his previous stints in Glasgow.

Not to let the behaviour of two isolated morons put a dampener on the whole event, however, I hasten to add that it was still a fantastic set from one of my favourite artists.

And, in the interests of further highlighting things that one can only experience in live performances: here’s his beautiful a cappella cover of Me by Paula Cole.

Jay & me.

Here’s hoping this experience doesn’t stop him from coming back for gig number 5!

  1. Markus McD says:

    Damn show-wreckers!! I’ve never been to a show in Canada where someone would’ve been so foul; security would have thrown them out after the first disrespectful remark towards the artist lol! And you’re right about the human interaction; that’s what made Alanis’ so memorable!
    However, after meeting you he’s bound to come back haha! After all, you’ve reached “obsessed” status!

    • Mark Liddell says:

      I wish I could say it was an exception but it’s fast becoming the rule. When we spoke to him after the show, Jay was also telling us that he once went to the cinema in Glasgow and people were talking at full volume throughout the entire movie so I’m pretty sure he has the worst possible impression of the city. :\ But yes, for purely selfish reasons, I do hope he braves a return visit, haha.

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