The Queen of Mean and winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6, live in Glasgow.

With support from boylesque performer Tom Harlow.

The Buffalo Girls, recently featured on Drag Queens of London for the newly-launched TV channel, London Live.

Baga Chipz.

Lady Lloyd

And oldest member, Silver Summers. Not pictured: one of the amateur drag queen staff members threatening a pregnant woman and throwing his arm in John’s face in order to bring Silver’s entire family to the front of the stage (shoving the rest of us back in the process).

Blame it on…Bianca Del Rio!

“Listen, I will gladly kick you in the pussy and run the risk of losing a shoe.”

“Just to let you know: I ain’t got no album, I ain’t got no new song. But what I do have is a hundred thousand dollars.”

“It’s not that they didn’t win, they just failed to succeed.”

Bianca was expectedly hilarious, though I would have gladly welcomed more of her stand-up material in favour of the audience participation portion which took up a good 20 of her barely-30-minute set (and largely involved watching four strangers lip-synch in cheap wigs).

I would also have welcomed the ability to use my own equipment to take this picture (as I had five times previously when meeting the other queens) instead of having the rude-ass staff members scream “NO PERSONAL PHOTOS” at me in surround sound and forcing me to dump my camera (and livelihood) on the nearest seat, then actively refusing to hand it over to John. As it stands, I’m now the proud owner of the 15 seconds I got to spend with Bianca before a bouncer physically grabbed me by the arm to escort me out of the meet & greet area, and a black & white, Facebook-compressed photo from which I had to crop a fucking club logo. (More worrying still is that ours wasn’t even the worst experience we heard about from people who’d attended that evening.)

John’s face more or less summing up the four and a half hours of our night not spent watching Bianca (minus his run-in with Baga and Lloyd on the stairs on the way out, who were apparently lovely). I think a large part of the problem was that the event was visibly (and swelteringly) oversubscribed, though there’s still no excuse for the level of rudeness we experienced and – since I’m not in the habit of giving money to establishments which actively mistreat their clientèle – this will probably be the last of my RPDR experiences for the foreseeable future (or until one of our absolute favourites is booked and lures us down to London). You can still check out all my past experiences with the queens of Drag Race here and watch Bianca’s brief but hilarious Glasgow set over on YouTube.

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