The original and latest stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race, live in Glasgow.

I don’t see you out there walking children in nature!

Milk: she does a body good.

Milk’s first lip-synch was a fisting-themed number, performed to In Deep by Fantasia. Naturally.

“I wanna go in deeeeeeeeeeeeep…with you.”

She also hosted a free t-shirt competition, during which the Danny-DeVito-as-Penguin stand-in on the left there assaulted a fellow entrant while Milk looked on in something approaching horror. He eventually handed over the (size small) t-shirt that he’d wrenched from his opponent’s hands to a generally lukewarm applause from the audience.

Well come on, Teletubby. Teleport us to Mars!

Aaand then Milk came out in an E.T. mask and performed to Cash Cash’s Take Me Home.

Gratuitous ass shot. (Not coincidentally, Milk has since replaced Ivy Winters as my top pick for hottest contestant out of drag.

I mean damn.

Tom decided on an understated look for the evening.

Milk even succeeded in making John look short – no mean feat.

John and Tammie sharing a moment. (I particularly enjoyed Milk’s range of expressions during the meet & greet – not least of all this one.)

I told Milk that he made me feel like a Munchkin and he complimented my Ariel tank (which I’d actually stolen from Tom.)

Me with the delightful Tammie Brown and diminutive Milk. Seriously, he’s like 9-foot tall.

You can check out all my past experiences with the queens of Drag Race here.

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