A few more photos from January/February…primarily though not entirely of Wilfred.


Wilfred and Percy – who was given to me in jest as a Christmas present but has since become Wilf’s very best friend.

I finally tracked down an Ursula mug of my very own, and couldn’t not get Sebastian to go with her.

…plus bonus Ariel, courtesy of John! I defy you to find a more thoroughly heterosexual mug collection.

And, as with all items that come to the house via box, a gift for us is a gift for the cats.

I don’t know if it’s adorable or heart-breaking that Wilfred is so starved for feline attention that this stuffed Persian is his favourite companion. (For what it’s worth, he’s slowly learning that Minerva’s more boisterous attempts are friendship are – nevertheless – exactly that.)

That time I managed to completely Black Swan my foot up on a 3mm step.

John: Did it sound like a snap or a pop?
Me: I couldn’t differentiate over the sound of my own screams.

Naturally this happened during the week I was working at the Japanese embassy and needed to walk up and down a flight of stairs some fifty times a day.

Basically what happens when any surface is left unattended for 5 minutes.

Speaking of all things Japanese, John and I attempted to go to Nanakusa one day and naturally arrived during the 2.5-hour window during which they were closed. Thankfully Juan Chihuahua was just up the road and this fish enchilada was amazing.

That joyous day when my new computer arrived and my two-month exile into Neo-Luddism was at an end.

The cats were similarly excited to have a wealth of new boxes to scale and excavate.

The only issue with having a full-size monitor? Wilf’s new favourite game is to attack the cursor because he thinks it’s something buzzing across the screen.


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