A fast-becoming-annual field trip to Pollok Country Park with Kim.

aBlogies accepted.

Best part of the visit: the peculiar cast of workers who staff the country house and offer completely unsolicited information about the building.

Her: Have you been to Pollok House before?
Me: Just the once – I was here for a wedding last year.
Her [indicating a painting]: Yes, this is the Lady in the Fur Wrap. She’s just back from a world tour.
Me: I…oh.

(See also: the lady in the gift shop who told us that she has Pollok Park Christmas decorations up in her house all year long.)

The same room that I John and I sneaked off to during VMG’s wedding.

Our jaunt through the park took a surprisingly perilous turn after we made a wrong turn in the gardens and ended up running into a group of jumpsuited, skinhead gardeners who I’m about 80% sure were there performing community service.

For the record, we did spot some highland cows – just fewer than last year since there was a giant bonfire blocking the path. I’m reasonably certain, however, that this fellow is one of the calves we met last year.

As it turns out, those scratched-to-hell mirrored orbs at Pollokshaws station do not make for the best selfies.

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