Plight of the Navigator

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Photography
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Road trip! Thankfully for all parties, a smoother effort than last year’s.

We decided to go with the same rental company, largely to redeem ourselves in their eyes. The plan was foolproof, but for the part where Steph had to ask the attendant to get us into drive then lead us to the nearest petrol station.

On the plus side, this was her second time driving on our side of the road, and my second time navigating the journey.

Success! Luvian’s! Joy!

St Andrews continues to be one of my favourite places in the world.

Candy apples: some festive snacks for the trip home.

On her final night, we had a post-Halloween movie party, also featuring John’s sister and a diabetes-inducing mountain of snacks. And, whilst we had to bid a sad farewell to Stephanie at 5:30 the next morning, we are getting better with the frequency of visits; a single year having passed since we last saw each other as opposed to the seven before that. Indeed, with John and I planning a trip to New York early next year, we might even make it a record streak!

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