At the end of October, I received an email from my good friend Stephanie, currently residing in New York but nevertheless informing me that she was planning a visit to my side of the Atlantic in the very near future.

“Cool,” I replied, “When were you thinking of coming?”
“Oh, sometime next week.”

And here she is!

We began her trip with crushing disappointment. After stopping in at Cup on Byre’s Road, Steph was elated to discover Luvian’s ice cream on the menu, all the way from St Andrews and, rather more significantly, Steph’s favourite ice cream in the entire world. This elation lasted just long enough for the girl to tell us that they’d stopped serving it for the winter.

As recompense, they custom-made her a red velvet cupcake with vanilla frosting instead of cream cheese.

Ashton Lane.

Having mastered the New York subway system, Steph was just about ready to take on Glasgow’s.

For anyone unfamiliar with its labyrinthine depths.

Exploring The Lighthouse.

Being that I didn’t want to appear rude and abandon Steph every other day so I could go exercise, I had to find surreptitious ways of sneaking it into her visit under the guise of tourism.


The viewing platform.

It had never occurred to me until Steph pointed it out that those two doors in the tower opposite are more than a little death-defying.

From MoMA to GoMA.

The latest exhibition, LIVING WITH WAR, illustrates how artists from places as far ranging as Berlin, Brazil, Glasgow, London, Los Angeles, the Middle East and South Korea respond to the effects and prevalence of war and conflict around the world.

It also features a TV on the floor of a viewing room which, as it turns out, is not for sitting on.

Braving the rain once more.

Nice to see Glasgow Central getting into the spirit of things…horrible pun mostly unintended.

Happy Halloween from me and Calista.

Dinner at Cafe Andaluz. Every time I think the grilled goats cheese with Seville orange & chilli marmalade can’t possibly be as good as I remember, and every time I’m wrong.

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