A (predominantly but not entirely) feline foray into the last few months.

“It is difficult to obtain the friendship of a cat. It is a philosophical animal… one that does not place its affections thoughtlessly.” ~ Theophile Gautier

John’s brother’s dog, Ellie!

She’s a Jack Chi (Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix), so effectively a perma-puppy.

This is, I believe, the very first photo taken on Hilda – the newest love of my life. (The camera, that is – my love for Wilfred is pre-existing.)

Koala paws.

Delighting in my ability to once again take selfies without the use of a wide-angle lens.

Alf’s magnificent whiskers…and antennae.

Maverick (the grow-your-own-boyfriend I won back in April) suffered a slight evaporation accident, wherein the water above his neckline disappeared…

…and left him with a bad case of Beetlejuice. Which, it has to be said, is nothing compared to how absolutely tortured he looked once he’d dried out and his legs began to snap in half at the knees.

A few weeks before the wedstravaganza: an absolutely bangin’ view of the West End Festival.

Well worth the 8 minutes it took us to walk the 15 metres from Hillhead Station.

It probably didn’t help that we arrived just as the parade was ending, but at least we had a nice jaunt through the Botanics afterwards.

Pre-wedding makeup trial with VMG.

A rare moment of Alf deigning to sit next to Wilf of his own volition.

Their newfound amicability lasted about as long as it took us upset the balance again by throwing another cat into the mix.

So by weird coincidence, Elaine and I just happened to end up in American diner, neither of us realising…

…that it was actually Independence Day!

Which, lest any of you forget, is also Alf’s birthday. He turned 5 this year!

New balls, please: Minerva doing her part to celebrate the first British male Wimbledon champion in 77 years. For our part, John and I got wasted on prosecco and strawberries which is, I think, as classy and British a way as any.

Elegant as ever.

Orange moon!

John, accompanying me to the launch party of The Merchant City’s Working exhibition at the Virginia Gallery.

Minerva and Auntie Kimba.

Mum, looking more than a little rained on.

Once again, I sought refuge in the Botanic Gardens.

Keith-armen Miranda.

(I confess that I was actually pretty excited about the banana plants.)

And, at Gemma’s insistence, a quick pit stop at the Build-A-Bear Workshop, where you can buy a standard teddy bear for £20 then spend 40 times that amount accessorising it. You could literally buy yourself an outfit for less than it costs to dress these bears.

Cookie Monster cupcake. Adorable.

Alf, by the way, has definitely warmed to his new sister.

Tragically, this means that he’s now loved every one of his siblings except Wilfred.

Merchant City Festival.

John and I went to Merchant Square recently for pies in a Beer Cafe. Just take that in for a minute.

A vision of grace and poise.

Co-opting Wilf’s sofa.

Colin and Kim came through in August for the first look at their finished wedding photos. Thankfully for all parties, they were very happy with my work and our 16-year friendship remains intact, haha.

Oh, Alf.

She learned from the best.

Exhibit A.

Wilfred and Minerva are pretty much on the opposite ends of the feline spectrum: Mini looks like a wildcat and Wilf looks like a Jim Henson puppet.

We offer a particularly upscale hotel service – Persians on the pillow every night.

Irish cheese on toast – another wonderful instance of me finding a recipe online and John, acknowledging my complete lack of culinary finesse, offering to make it.

You will all pay for this indignity.

Gotta catch ‘em all!

Mini, “helping” no doubt.

Colin came through again the following month and adhered thoroughly to the rules of someone who’s violently allergic to cats.

He also introduced John and I to quinoa! Which, as it turns out, I’ve been mispronouncing horrendously.

And, as an added bonus, brought me a custom-made Ice King repurposed from a Lush product.

If I see you making moves on my wife again I’ll eat your hands!

(Colin finally humoured me and agreed to watch The Lost Skeleton Returns Again. It was everything I dreamed it would be.)

Every time I go to Ichi-ban, I tell myself I’ll order something other than donburi. This generally extends to me ordering a different side.

Taking his inspiration from increasingly unlikely sources, John made gumbo for the first time after watching The Princess and the Frog.

And finally, let’s neatly bookend this entry with our cat who most resembles a bookend.

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