This summer, I spent a fantastic week as resident photographer for Silhouette Burlesque, part of the Edinburgh Fringe 2013. This was, coincidentally, the same week my laptop broke, which is why I’m sharing pictures from the first week of August in the first week of October. Silhouette Burlesque ran for 22 consecutive nights at the Tron Kirk, each night seeing a different, all-star line-up of burlesque beauties, cabaret curiosities, circus stars and musical interludes.


Resident performers Magenta Lust, Cherryfox and Kim Khaos.

Kim, ready to take the stage as Madame de Pompadour.

Heidi Bang Tidy

Becks and the Bullets

Sukki Singapora. Sukki, as well as being an amazing performer, was one of the loveliest people I met during my entire time working on the show and, after this act, told me she was terribly sorry if I’d caught an eyeful of her groinal zone. In addition to her job as a burlesque artist, Sukki also campaigns for equality and freedom of expression in Singapore, and – in honour of her activism – recently secured herself an invitation to Buckingham Palace.

Lady Wildflower.

Each evening ended with Cherryfox singing Dream a Little Dream which, in turn, meant that each second of every day was spent subconsciously humming it.

Cherry and, what she informed me, was her very first fan encounter. I don’t know who was more excited.


Guests hosts, Jollyboat. These boys were so hilarious that I ended up going to their solo show.

Some whip-tease from Diva Hollywood

Magenta Lust

Candy Poison

Calum MacAskill, as a shape-shifting, smoke-breathing tin foil sea anemone. His performances were ineffable and wonderful in equal measure.

Daiquiri Dusk

The incomparable Aurora Galore, who truly does have to be seen to be believed.

Much like SeaWorld, the show was often a “first two rows get wet” situation. Between the whipped cream from Candy’s performance and the petrol from Aurora’s, I left this particular evening a happy, flammedible mess.


Full house at the Tron Kirk.

Kim Khaos and her trusty glammer.

…and another lightbulb down the hatch.

Aurora Galore, trading fire for fans.

Cat Aclysmic

Cat has, rather impressively, taught herself contact juggling. (Think David Bowie in Labyrinth.)

Markee de Saw & Bert Finkle

Rachel Renegade

…who had a melon sliced in half in her groin with a sword then ascended a staircase made of the selfsame weaponry.

Go-Go Amy. Amy is seen here sporting the same blazing nipple tassels that set off the fire alarms at the Dundee Tattoo Convention, necessitating the evacuation of several hundred spectators.

Sukki Singapora

You can tell a performer is popular when the other performers are asking for pictures with her.

And finally: for anyone questioning the authenticity of Kim’s glass eating act.

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