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2013 has been a year of weddings, but none more significant to me personally than Colin and Kim’s: not just because they’re my oldest, dearest friends, but also because I was the one photographing it!


Precisely one week after VMG’s, I was headed to Dundee for another wedding – this one half a lifetime in the making.


Merchants House (Now & Then) (Click for full size)

Candleriggs (Now & Then) (Click for full size)

My two pieces for The Merchant City’s Working exhibition at the Virginia Gallery, part of the Merchant City Festival 2013. The idea behind the exhibition was to pay homage to the vintage black and white photographs that showed people working in the city, and capture what makes the Merchant City a vibrant and uniquely cultural part of Glasgow.

Never one to make things easy for myself, I had the idea of creating images which would literally show the buildings peeling back to reveal the history of the Merchant City beneath.


I recently found my old Pokémon blue cartridge and, as it happens, I actually did catch ’em all! (With the obvious exception of Mew.) This segues rather nicely into the best and nerdiest thing I have ever purchased, to wit:

…a full set of first generation gym badges from Sanshee!


They say you reach an age where all of your friends start getting married off at once, though even that couldn’t have prepared me for attending four weddings in the space of a month, three of which were in the same week, and two of which were on the same weekend. Kicking things off: beautiful bride number one – our good friend and neighbour, Victoria.


this majestical roof fretted with golden fire.

Some recent work with the Physical Theatre Scotland group.

Gordon Black. (more…)