A month after Wedding Week 2013, John’s and my marital spree took divergent paths, with him headed to yet another hen night and me to David and Calum’s reception at The Virginia Gallery.

Dressed to impress.

I made the fatal mistake of not eating beforehand so I was about ready to faceplant in those cupcakes.

All around me are familiar faces…

Kim performed a death-defying feat of dentistry for the horrified masses. Do not try this at home.

She also did herself an injury in the process, which has since becoming a recurring theme.

This is around the time my memory takes a turn for the hazy.

As it happens, Calum is a classically trained cellist/singer/songwriter.

Taking the stage for a second time.

Oh hey Glasgow style queen Kim Khaos.

My sobriety may have been in a downward spiral but at least I was in good company.

Kimba and the grooms.

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