Survivors of the apocalypse, and those we lost along the way…

John, practising a post-apocalyptic make-up look ahead of the show. His double-life as a pathologist slash “hair and makeup guru” was given a substantial write-up in a recent issue of The Glaswegian, which you can read here.

The Missing.

Stage manager, Jenn gets into the spirit of things…by which I mean the make-up chair.

Baron Bartholomew Black…aka Specimen #4.

My other contribution to the show, where I got to step out from behind the camera for a day of arts and crafts.

Kim Khaos.

Magenta Lust.

George’s Marvelous Magic.

Tom Harlow.

Do not resist the guards, they are there to keep you safe.

Sound technician, Tia.

The evening was compered by Paul Puppet, though he was already feeling a little under the weather…

The real chaos, of course, was happening backstage.


The Emergency Broadcasting Service…featuring a very familiar face! Lindsay was visiting from Canada at the time I was prepping for the show and – since she happens to a broadcaster in her daily life – I roped her in to play one for these segments.

Tom Harlow.

Aurora Winterborn in…Mars Attacks!

Khaos in the making.

Tom and Aurora valiantly shifting the raffle tickets.

Ian, kindly manning the drinks table and distributing the “antidote”.


Emergency Broadcast #2: The terrorist known as Khaos has escaped from a secure facility.

Poor Mr Puppet soon succumbed to the infection.


George’s Marvelous Magic


Magenta Lust!

Another of the night’s casualties.

The Freak Exotique, La Loco.

Walking on, walking on…

…broken glass.

And hula-hopping, just for good measure.

This is the end of the broadcast.

Curtain call.

Projectionist, Simon.

No rest for the wicked: onwards to debut a new act at the Riding Room.

Specially concocted Apoc-tails, courtesy of the Riding Room.

Madame Pompadour making her stage debut.

And finally, homeward bound.

…via a spider-infested bridge over the River Clyde. I’m no survival expert, but I can’t imagine backlighting your web is the most practical choice.

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