Colin & Kim – My Best Friends’ Wedding

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Photography, weddings
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2013 has been a year of weddings, but none more significant to me personally than Colin and Kim’s: not just because they’re my oldest, dearest friends, but also because I was the one photographing it!

The big day.

This day was pretty much torture for Kim’s brother, Scott, who had – until this point – avoided cameras for the better part of his life.

Lauren lends a helping hand.

Waiting at the Baxter Park Pavilion: the groom-to-be.

Baby Hamish: this year’s must have accessory.

One of the benefits of Colin’s dad being a minister is that they didn’t have to look very far for someone to perform the wedding.

His youngest sister Pamela also returned from South Africa for the occasion.

Erik doling out some last-minute fatherly advice.

Having been the best man at several of his own friends’ weddings, Colin made the diplomatic decision of having his brother, Donald.

Colin’s mum, Elizabeth, who put up with feeding me at lunch times for most of high school!


Steph and Molly.

Sachiko – who you may remember from her visit to Glasgow and the henstravaganza.

With the bride and groom’s imminent move to Japan on the horizon, they have – over the last few years – befriended pretty much the entire Japanese population of Dundee. This also works out well for me since it means I finally have people with whom I can speak Japanese again!

John had been working the previous day but arrived the night before the wedding.

Colin’s niece, Caitlin, on flower duties.

Kim’s arrival.

In true Scottish tradition, the rain was the one unwelcome guest at the wedding but, rather beautifully, the sun came out at the exact moment Kim was walking down the aisle. I confess that I may have gotten a little misty-eyed…

Thankfully I wasn’t alone.


Height restrictions (aka my favourite picture of the day).

Confetti aftermath.

The entire clan.

And the remaining McGivneys.

As I mentioned on the previous days pictures, I was more than a little horrified when Colin and Kim told me they were planning to get married at the Baxter Park Pavilion, unaware that it had undergone a massive refurbishment and no longer looked like this.

Pyoor ah the Morgan boys (and Tommy).

Mr & Mrs.

While I was on photography duties for most of the day, I did manage to get someone else to hold the camera long enough for me to actually be in some of the pictures!

Just Married.

After the ceremony, we headed off to the Barnhill Rock Garden in Broughty Ferry for some scenic family shots.

And then it was off to the Gulistan House for the evening reception.

Between these place settings and Colin’s dad offering to perform the ceremony, I fear that John might be getting ideas…

The restaurant is actually a gorgeous converted church space.

Kim and her granddad.

Neither the groom nor the father of the bride being massive fans of public speaking, the speeches were held before the meal so that people could eat on easy stomachs.

In addition to her reading, Angela also contributed to the wedding by way of this beautiful painting that all of the guests left a fingerprint on.

The completed wedding cake, aka the completion of Kim’s efforts the previous day.

Ditto every other dessert in the building.

Minus the Haribos, which are Colin’s favourites. Naturally I ate half the bowl just to spite him.

My drinks ticket. Because I am a child.

Cutting the cake.

Not as simple as one might think, it seems.

Kim not only made her own wedding cake, but – in order to pre-empt any potential complaints – she also made every tier a different flavour. The top tier was carrot cake…

…followed by raspberry then blueberry. I had one (or three) of each and can confirm that they were all delicious.

Sheena taking over the carving duties.

The most 懐かしい moment of the day: being swarmed by Japanese children. At one point I had all three of the triplets using me as a climbing frame and telling me to stand up whilst I tried in vain to explain that I physically couldn’t.

Risa, being adorable.

I found this picture of Keith inexplicably hilarious.

Erik caught the bouquet, haha.

First dance.

Father and daughter.

Two thirds of the triplets, extricated from my person.

Gangnam Style was put on at some point in the evening for the kids, and Caitlin proceeded to execute the entire dance routine without missing a beat. (Apparently her classes had learned it a few months earlier.)

I do.


The original Mr & Mrs C, with Erik taking a hard-earned break from his ministerial duties.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE this so much x

  2. Markus McD says:

    Wow, these photos were stunning – looks like such an excellent wedding! Loved the Scottish tradition, mixed with some Japanese tradition from the guests!
    Brilliant shots! You’ve outdone yourself Mark! I’d be thrilled with wedding pics like this. 🙂
    Belated congrats Colin and Kim!

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