Precisely one week after VMG’s, I was headed to Dundee for another wedding – this one half a lifetime in the making.

Whilst packing for Dundee, I inadvertently acquired a stowaway.

Given the length of their actual relationship, this was actually a comparatively short engagement.

Quite in contrast to the 12 years it took Colin to pop the question, Kim managed to plan and execute the wedding in 6 months. This not only included making her entire wedding cake and all of the other desserts, but doing so within 24 hours of the big event. Like…hats off.

Rehearsal time at the Baxter Park Pavilion.

Proving that rehearsals really are worthwhile, Colin was having more than a few issues signing the registry. Thankfully he remembered how to work a pen by the time the wedding rolled round.

I confess to being somewhat horrified when I heard where they’d chosen as their venue, which is around the time they explained to me that the pavilion had undergone a massive refurbishment in my absence from Dundee and no longer looked like this.

Back at home, Kim’s mum Sheena and friend Leona were hard at work on the arrangements for the table settings.

Being that Kim isn’t inordinately fond of a) flowers or b) waste, the roses were set in plant pots filled with actual cooking herbs which guests could take home and use in their kitchens!

Tier one in progress.

From Colin’s sister, apropos of their imminent move to Japan.

Lauren (Kim’s cousin) and Leona, taking a well-earned break…

…whilst Colin and I slaved away next door on icing duty.

Kim also spent weeks ahead of the event drying out rose petals to use as confetti.

She and Colin also prepped these favours for the (seeming truckload) of kids who’d be attending in order to keep them amused during the speeches, etc.

Figuring that my mum might be a little offended if I went through to Dundee and failed to visit her yet again, I made a point of ducking out for a quick trip home.

This also allayed my pet deprivation for the duration of the trip.

Bobby and Beth…the latter of whom we’ve just discovered is actually a boy also. Oops.

Lucy and Humphrey.

Luce is a grand old lady these days.

And Humphrey continues to grow outwards if not upwards.

Once more into the fray.

Reinforcements had arrived.

Kim piped all of these rose cupcakes by hand.

And, since she had a spare tier, made an additional carrot cake for good measure. Given that her tireless baking had thus taking her into the actual wedding day, however, we finally had to stage an intervention and send Kim to bed so she’d be at least moderately well rested for the big day ahead.

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