Victoria & Scott – Pollok House Wedding

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Photography, weddings
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They say you reach an age where all of your friends start getting married off at once, though even that couldn’t have prepared me for attending four weddings in the space of a month, three of which were in the same week, and two of which were on the same weekend. Kicking things off: beautiful bride number one – our good friend and neighbour, Victoria.

With John on make-up duties, things got off to an early start. Thankfully Victoria’s dad picked us up in the morning and drove us out to Hamilton.

11am and already the prosecco is flowing.

I’ve a sneaking suspicious VMG had been practicing her unfaltering smile for the cameras. (It’s a good thing weddings are meant to the happiest days of people’s lives.)

Flower girls, with Isla sporting some boho-chic after refusing to let anyone fix her hair.

Makeup applied and dress donned, we headed off to Pollok House where the groom and co. were waiting.

Confetti time!

Scott the groom, taking stock of the rain which led to my ill-timed flu the following week.

VMG and AMG. (I don’t think I know any siblings who look more alike.)

Ruth and Dave, whose tweed suit I coveted the entire day. Apparently he’d worn it to a funeral a few days earlier, only to discover that another attendee was sporting the exact same thing. Awkward.

Whilst VMG and the rest of the wedding party were having their official portraits taken, John and I took the opportunity to explore the venue.

Those suits, incidentally, were the result of a nightmarishly unproductive shopping trip in which John and I each came home with half a suit – me a top and him a bottom. (No comment.) Thankfully the corresponding halves arrived just in time for the wedding and indecency was averted. The only mollifying factor was that we were guaranteed to get our money’s worth out of them with with the sheer number of weddings we’d be attending that month.

Father of the bride.

And mother of the bride!

The tables were arranged by movies, so naturally we ended up at Priscilla.

John’s favourite touch – for obvious reasons. (His love of all things Alice is well-documented.)

Keep an eye on Elaine’s hat – it fair did the rounds before this night was through.

This was, coincidentally, my very first western wedding, and the only one I’d attended since Maureen and I sang Womanizer to Kazu and Miki at their reception back in Akita. Ah, memories.

McGills and McMasters.

The hat setting out on its tour des têtes.

Oh dear.

Some mid-reception touch-ups.

Isla and Auntie John, hitting up the Pick ‘n’ Mix bar. I’d actually spotted it on the way to dinner but assumed it was just part of the venue, so you can imagine my excitement when I realised that the sweets were actually for us. I was a little perturbed by their being right outside the toilets, however (I have zero faith in people washing their hands in public bathrooms) so I just filled up three bags and squirreled them away for future consumption.

There was also a face painter on hand who, it turns out, was actually crazy-talented. So much so, in fact…

…that the adults were lining up ’til closing time.

She even matched VMG’s to her earrings!

There was also a photobooth, complete with a full arsenal of ridiculous props.

…we may have abused it a little before the night was through.

John, attempting his first ceilidh.

I think he did three before the night was through – each more hilariously inaccurate than the last.

Spot the Isla.

And finally, throwing the bouquet…right before the coach threatened to drive off without us. Not pictured: one of the guests collapsing on the bus comatose then passing out yet again in the hotel lobby. There’s always one.

Our gorgeous gifts from VMG. One of them has since been demolished (no prizes for guessing which), but the other now has pride of place on our mantelpiece.

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