Spangled Cabaret Club at The Flying Duck – music, mirth, magic, macabre, madness and more.

We passed a group of zombies on the way in — in the literal rather than the jakey sense.

The eponymous flying duck.

Miss Kim Khaos.

George’s Marvelous Magic.

John was called upon for a reluctant spot of audience participation.

All the way from Aberdeen – Magenta Lust.

The Devil’s Doll.

Shimmy Explosion, starring Kim Khaos.

Miss Leggy Pee (and Charlie Montgomery Esq).

The Fabulous Artisans

The evening’s compere, Mr Paul Puppet.


Willie Dick: “a vagabond creating musical and visual mayhem with contact mics, meat cleavers and a butchers block.”

And – once the two of them were awake again – homeward bound…with a brief stopover in KFC.

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