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The apocalypse is upon us. For one night, The Virginia Gallery will become a shelter from the carnage that has consumed the city. Seek refuge in the remnants of the deserted gallery, and be entertained by some of the finest burlesque, magic and sideshow this side of the barrier.

Tickets: £7.50, available here. Saturday, July 20th. Doors 7:30, show begins at 8. (more…)

I’ve been holding off from making an official announcement until we knew for sure that it was happening, but I can now say with absolutely certainty that Alf and Wilf are getting a little sister! Meet Minerva (aka Mini), a beautiful Bengal girl who will – with any luck – be joining us in less than a month’s time. (more…)

Spangled Cabaret Club at The Flying Duck – music, mirth, magic, macabre, madness and more. (more…)

Burlesque-filled birthdays and my weekend as an ad hoc tour guide (more…)