Hot on the stiletto heels of Sharon Needles, America’s Next-to-Next Drag Superstar, Manila Luzon, takes to the stage in Glasgow.

Impeccably polished, Manila’s background as a graphic designer led to some of the most memorable runway looks in RuPaul’s Drag Race herstory – from her infamous pineapple dress to a skinned and feathered Big Bird. (Judging by the Cookie Monster she wore on Drag U and the Elmo-inspired outfit she’s wearing in this very picture, A Nightmare on Sesame Street is a continuing theme in her wardrobe.)

Assisted in no small measure by her impossibly elastic expressiveness, Manila is more renowned still for her lip syncs: described by one viewer as hammy and histrionic, campy and deliciously deranged.

The Asian Glamasaurus.

Deezignuh shoooz!

For her appearance in Glasgow, she also performed two of her own songs: The Chop (an ode to her summarily abridged appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars), and Hot Couture (which I listen to on a near-daily basis on account of it being on my running playlist.)

Costume change!

“Does anyone have a tampon? I just got my period!”

Quote of the night

Welcoming to the stage the mastermind behind the very creation atop her head…

… Weaves by Wilma!

With Rujubee hopefully coming in July, I now just need them to bring Raja through and I will officially have seen all of my top-tier RPDR contestants.

Pose, turn, flaunt.

Kim’s picture with Manila pretty much trumped all of ours.

…and Jenn’s pretty much looks like I’ve photoshopped her head from the Sharon Needles pictures onto this one. Girl, look how natural and at ease you fucking look.

Once again: the rare sight of John wearing less makeup than the man beside him.

I’d sang myself hoarse by the end of the night, but I did manage to tell Manila that she’d been wonderful. “Thank you!” she replied, “Nothing a little autotune can’t fix.”

Please note the motherfucking bagpipe on her head.

I picked up this Patrick Nagel-inspired tank after the show, and tweeted an image of me wearing it the following day. Evidently it caught Manila’s attention, as she has since retweeted the picture and is now using it to promote this very design over on Facebook!

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