Fall/Winter Collection

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Photography
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A year-end round-up of every picture that didn’t belong anywhere else.

John re-discovering a) his bling and b) that it still fits in his ears.

Back in Dundee – Miko!

Me: “Your bath bombs look like Critter eggs.”
Mum: “That’s why I bought them.”

Our family is built on ’80s horrors.

Humphrey, by the way, has doubled in size since I last saw him. A puglet no more!

I also saw my brother, watched movies with mum and had lunch with Colin & Kim, but the only thing I took pictures of was the animals. Contain your surprise.

Back in Glasgow, and straight to Starbucks.

This was one of the many occasions where I ordered a pumpkin spice latte with no success.

I’m starting to think this isn’t the yoghurt for me…

Alf is a very accommodating pillow.

Wilfred nesting on some drying laundry, as is his wont.

On our way to Lisa’s for Thai curry and Hostel 3 – the former being decidedly better than the latter.

On our way home…

…to meet VMG…

…so that we could head straight back out again to Dragon-i. Thai food and lychee crème brûlée!

Afterwards: cocktails at Darcy’s.

It’s so rare (and a nice change of pace) for me to see pictures of myself on my own camera.

This is the last time we let Victoria watch Top Model before we leave the house.

Oh, menu – you are hilarious.

We passed the Theatre Royal on our way there and had every good intention of seeing The Woman in Black later that month until all three of us managed to forget about it entirely.

I’ve also forgotten which cocktail this was, though that’s somewhat less surprising given that we made our way through half the list.

Ceiling mirror!

John narcolepsy set in halfway through the night.

I think I’ve mentioned before that the toilets at Darcy’s play French lessons on a constant loop. That night, I (re)learned how to ask for directions. Tournez à droite et c’est la première rue à votre gauche.

My second crème brûlée of the evening (this time in martini form), and a pot of tea for the increasingly less conscious John.

Another surprising rarity: John and I together in a picture.

Note that I am, for some god-known reason, the only one looking in the wrong direction.

Chez Millar, taking some interior shots at John’s sister’s behest for the design company Farrow & Ball.

Here’s Max, looking decidedly more settled in his own surroundings than the time he came to our house and hid under the sofa for eight hours.

And Sam, looking like the magnificent beast that he is.

Sometimes Glasgow gives good sky.

Lisa’s birthday at the Bath Street Pony. Have you ever seen movie In Time where people stop ageing at 25? Lisa has taken the same approach – assisted in no small measure by her damnably perfect skin. I knew she was gone by this point because she’d stopped hiding from the camera.

Also in attendance: these lovely ladies! Not in attendance: my ability to use a flash.

The very beautiful Lynsey. This was the first time I’d met her, though it turns out John did his first ever fashion show with her when he was just 17. Look out for Lynsey starring alongside Scarlett Johansson in the upcoming sci-fi movie Under the Skin – filmed right here in Glasgow.

And look out for the lovely Joy McAvoy here, starring alongside her brother James in the adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Filth hitting cinemas next year.

All credit for the two pictures above to the person I stole them from on Facebook.

We were meant to have the bar booked until 3 but from the Arctic wind blowing in from the open front door, we assumed they wanted us out sooner. Afterwards, Lynsey very kindly drove John and I back to Lisa’s, with a short stopover at her house along the way so that she could change out of her dress. Proving the old adage that beauty is pain, it was literally restricting the movement in her arms. On arrival, Lisa was rather the worst for wear, but evidently still capable of making burgers, sausage croissants, and giving me a massage that – in sympathy with Lynsey’s dress – left me unable to move my right shoulder for the next two days.

Wilfred: a study in elegance.

Glasgow has entered full Silent Hill mode.

Ever since we fixed the drawer that was sitting on top of it, Wilfred has once again taken up residency on his bread maker.

The day Victoria and I went to the Christmas market and realised, before long, that we were really inappropriately drunk on mulled wine and cider given that it was 6pm on a Wednesday.

If it fits, I ships. Evidently they’ve expanded their range.

Thanks for the heads up.

Another compare and contrast. The poise and elegance of Alf…aaaand then there’s Wilfred.

(For the record, I think Wilf is the most beautiful creature to have ever walked the earth.)

This photo marks two firsts: Glasgow’s first snowfall in December, and the first time in a very long while that a sunrise coincided with me waking up vs. going to bed.

I had the loveliest day with mum last week, who came through to Glasgow today for her birthday but somehow ended up buying me lunch from the Christmas market.

Thankfully John took the day off and gave her a haircut, proving himself a better son-in-law than I am a son.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this was taken shortly after we watched Drive: one of the most singularly beautiful films I’ve seen this year.

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