Steph Strikes Back

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Photography
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Special delivery from New York (via half of Europe): Stephanie Weyant! With a mere seven years having passed since we last saw her in person.

We originally met Steph as a JYA in St Andrews (her junior year abroad being our freshman year at home), and she visited us again in 4th year before we graduated. The second visit (whilst wonderful) was marred somewhat by falling amid the chaos of writing my Master’s dissertation, so it was lovely to see her this time without the added stress. And, not that I wasn’t elated to see Steph already…

…but the suitcase o’ cinnamon candy didn’t hurt matters. It did, however, lead to a moment of rampant idiocy a few days later where I thought my gums were profusely bleeding before I remembered I’d eaten a mouthful of these sweets before I started brushing my teeth. Crisis averted.

Relatedly: the jar that the cinnamon sweets came to occupy was previously inhabited by the “week’s” supply of drumsticks that John bought me. I’d already eaten twenty before I remembered to take a picture – roughly half an hour after I received them. The fact that I’m not obese or diabetic is frankly a miracle.

That evening, we watched 50/50, constituting yet another entry in the inexplicably long run of Joseph Gordon-Levitt movies I’ve seen of late (including, but not limited to: Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Treasure Planet and 500 Days of Summer).

Steph is currently working on a web series that combines tourism and film locations (on which I probably shouldn’t say too much since it’s still in development) and so we headed out the next day to film a segment on last year’s World War Z takeover of George Square. The shoot went well, barring some uncooperative weather and John being accosted by a hobo with a megaphone. True story.

Afterwards: dinner at Darcy’s…complete with free French lessons in the bathroom. I learned how to order a ham sandwich! I guess I should say remembered, but a recent evening avec a French friend has confirmed that mon français est devenu terrible.

And, to leave you with the most pressing question of all:

Where’s Steph?

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