Old Friends, New Places / New Friends, Old Places

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Photography
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Please say hello to the folks that I know.

Headed out to Lisa’s housewarming.

Tragically, these pictures of us on our way there were the only salvageable ones of the evening. The minute we got in the door, Lisa introduced me to her legendary cocktail-making skills and it all went downhill from there. Quite how she manages to pour every available drink into a blender and produce fruit juice with the alcohol content of lighter fluid I’m not sure, but that self-same talent was responsible for a New Year’s party where she and John were both unconscious before the bells rang.

And yet, whilst I was apparently too wasted to take a single picture in focus, I did manage to film this epilepsy-inducing video of Joy doing her make-up. Also, shameless plug: her new movie, The Angel’s Share, is out on blu-ray and DVD now! (You can see her in the trailer from 0:28 onwards.)

Later, I was off back to the Botanic Gardens…

…this time: with Sorcha! She’s officially now ended her tenure with the JET Programme, but I wanted to catch her before she jet-setted off on her latest adventures in Turkey. By curious coincidence, there were a record number of Japanese people in the gardens that day. Clearly they were trying to muscle in on our mini JET reunion.

On a separate note: I feel like I’ve uploaded an inordinate number of pictures of the Botanic Gardens lately, given that I’ve been a grand total of twice in the last year. (My conscientious documentation did allow me to note, however, that the Venus Fly Traps had flowered since my previous visit.)

Not pictured: my mishap with the balsamic vinegar at lunch whilst wearing a white top that doesn’t actually belong to me. (Sorry, John – I washed it before you had a chance to notice!) About an hour before this, I hadn’t been able to get money out of the ATM and Sorcha and I joked that someone had stolen my account details. As it turns out: not so funny. (Not helping matters, the fraud team’s handling of the situation has been absolutely farcical and I’m only now reaching a resolution with my bank, fully three months after the event.)

To reiterate the conversation Sorcha and I had upon spotting this little fellow in the foliage:

Sorcha: You must have amazing eyesight!
Me: That or he’s really shit at camouflage.

This was actually my first time in the main greenhouses (as opposed to the Kibble Palace), my last visit with Sorcha having been cut unceremoniously short when it turned out the gardens were closed and we were escorted off the premises.

We kept finding pitcher plants everywhere. But like, seriously…everywhere.

It was also where they were hiding the cacti. I love cacti – more of a vicarious trait because my brother grows them.

The triffid of aloes.

Ferocactus! I cannot tell you how many times I was assaulted by one of these back when Keith and I shared a room.

It’s times like this that I’m thankful my name is so boring. Sorcha, on the other hand… (On a related note, I recently discovered an entire blog dedicated to Starbucks Spelling, of which the most spectacular example is, without a doubt, this.)

I also had a visit from Colin that week, who came through to Glasgow for a couple of days and gave me cause to break out the old Mega Drive collection for the PS3.

And, in the spirit of being 8 years old again…

And finally: a reunion that spanned three continents. With Skype’s increasingly stingy policies, Maureen, Derek, Naomi and I resorted to a Google+ hangout for free group video chat. With four users online simultaneously, I’m not sure how they coped with the increased traffic.

(Just to clarify: everyone is doing their best Wilfred impression.)

This was also around the time of the Olympics: a set of events which made me feel remarkably sporty for someone who, during this very call, thought there was a baseball team called the Voldemort Oreos.

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