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Enough time has passed that I can post an entire collection of cat pictures, right? (more…)


Posted: September 23, 2012 in Photography
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As you may recall, my glasses broke apart in my hands recently, whereupon I resorted to fixing the broken pair with honest-to-god duct tape. Tragically, this removed all the irony of wearing geek glasses in the first place and left me a neck-brace short of the nerd who dies first in an ’80s horror movie. Thankfully the situation wasn’t a complete disaster; which is to say that I’d actually been trying to justify the purchase of new glasses before any of this happened and, with that obstacle removed, was perfectly free to buy the lovely Prada pair above (along with a set of Ray-Bans should they suffer the same fate as their predecessors.)

Full-size (and, for narcissism’s sake, a closer look at that haircut) after the cut. (more…)

Please say hello to the folks that I know. (more…)

Presented without context: John as Faye Dunaway as Joan in Crawford in Mommie Dearest. (more…)