House Guests

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Photography, Video
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So I’m not saying I’ve gone off the crazy cat lady deep end…but we might have had some new house guests. (To clarify: we don’t actually have two new cats – I was just catsitting for John’s family. Not that I’m adverse to the idea of another two. Or twenty.)

This handsome fellow is Sam: a British Shorthair, and formerly the biggest cat John had ever seen. Until he met Alf.

And this is his (biological) brother, Max. He took up residence under the sofa when he got here and didn’t budge until it was time for him to go home again (about seven hours later).

Sam was a tiny bit braver, and made it as far as the living room. Alas, neither of them made particularly fast friends with Alf or Wilfred (despite Wilf’s best efforts), and only served to drive home the point that Alf (while desperately possessive of us) simply does not play well with other cats. Whether this will have any lasting effects on my ultimate plan of becoming a crazy cat lady, however, remains to be seen. (Read: it will not.)

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