Age is a number and mine is unlisted

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Photography
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It was my birthday this month, and while I will pointedly neglect to mention how old that makes me, I will say that I had a lovely time in spite of my impending decrepitude. Read on to discover how this is any way connected to my brachycephalic friend above.

On returning home from work that evening, John sent me out of the room for ten minutes. I returned to find sushi, carbs and presents…aka my lifeblood. (The sour faces are, naturally, symbolic of my joy at being another year older.) If you’re wondering, the big present is all ten seasons of Smallville in one tiny box set, which – not to put too incriminating a point on it – will constitute the first time I’ve ever watched that show on a TV screen.

Birthday card from my mother. He looks so familiar somehow…

Rheanna sent me a Scottish Hello Kitty. I have no idea why such a thing would exist let alone why they’re selling them in Canada, but it is magnificent.

My mum had offered to come through to Glasgow on my birthday but I asked her to delay her visit by a week so that it would coincide with the arrival of her new puglet, Humphrey. I was worried that he’d have outgrown the initial photos sent by the breeder by the time she got him, but he was still decidedly pocket-sized.

Clearly my love of flat-faced creatures is hereditary.

Folliowing in the footsteps of the late, great Jack the Pug, Humphrey is never happier than when he’s stuffing his face – or, at this stage in his puglet-hood, being bottle fed puppy milk! We also had to raise the cat biscuits to a pug-proof elevation after several attempts to shove his big flat face in them.

I might be a crazy cat lady at heart, but I’m also an all-purpose animal person.

Between Humphrey and Wilfred, it was flat-faced madness. Sadly, I have no photographic evidence of them together because Wilf fled in abject terror every time Humphrey got within three feet of him. Furthering this inversion of how I thought the cats would react, Alf proceeded to follow him all over the house and, at one stage, picked him up by the scruff of his neck as if Humph were his very own baby.

And what visit would be complete…

…without a pug in a teacup?

(Companion piece, obviously, to Persian in a Bucket.)

I only posted it a few days, but just in case you missed it, you can watch the video of Humph and the cats here.

  1. I dont think this post could get any cuter!

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