Posted: January 28, 2012 in Photography
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New Year’s 2012 was a rather sedate affair, dampened by a powerful bout of man flu. (The hardest thing I had to drink that night was a Lemsip.) Thankfully the preceding/proceeding weeks proved a little more conducive to picture-taking.

I was working in Hamilton for a few weeks at the end of 2011, and spotted this pretentious graffiti on walking out of the train station. I’d like to think they were making a pun on “Hamelin” but suspect I’d be giving them too much credit.

Wet Wilfred will never not be funny.

He’s actually the most low maintenance cat in all but one respect: that fur. Despite the fact that we brush him on a daily basis, he still wakes up every morning with fresh dreadlocks. Recently it became so matted that it necessitated us buying a detangling comb from Boots and an impromptu haircut.

Alf, looking uncharacteristically angelic.

And both looking slightly more comfortable than the last time they were on the sofa together. Alf is slowly learning to share his things.

Courtesy of a recipe he spotted in the Metro, John made baked porridge when he got home one night, and I’m not just saying this out of obligation, but it was actually amazing.

Completely unposed! Actually, he usually just nests on objects and lets us search the house for them before revealing that they were buried under his bulk the whole time.

A novel approach to plugging the sink. Companion piece to…

…this one John took a few months back.

And finally: testing out my new lens on the underground. Excited as I am to see the world in 35mm, however, this unseasonal bout of snow is currently winning out over my desire to leave the house. Here’s to February (and temperatures with a minimum of two digits).

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