Out Here on the Beach

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Photography
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Our final morning.

First order of the day: New Hall. This is the glass roof that I vomited on from a 3rd-floor window and watched as it took three weeks to dissipate through an unseasonal lack of rain. Oh, first year.

It’s also where we first met! Literally: right here. At this table. Compare and contrast 2011 with…

…2003! We switched hair colours?

I actually had no idea they’d made this plaque for Jenny. It’s just outside, by the entrance.

Our explorations also took us to John’s old room (I’m willing to bet that mug-shaped hole in the wall is still there to this day) and Monica-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca’s (though tragically without our academic mother to greet us at the door inexplicably attired in fairy wings and a feather boa). Next door to New Hall is the architectural monstrosity of Andrew Melville Hall: which, despite its beautiful shortcomings, somehow cropped in a movie we were watching just last week.

Amusing street names part 2.

And onwards to the West Sands. If you’ve ever seen Chariots of Fire, this is where they filmed the opening sequence.

This is John’s handwriting, if you’re curious.

I took a far less practical approach.

The question on every Yah’s mind. We soon discovered, by the way, that Hunter wellies are the new must-have item for the Yah on the go. Take note

Jumping off a wall and not – as my mum initially thought – checking the sole of his shoe.

This is where we stopped for our second bout with the mega soor plooms. Video to follow.

And finally: lunch at the Vic…

…then a bus and train ride home, lugging two planks of oak and a mechanical whale. Goodbye, you wonderful little town.

And yet, sad as we were to have left St Andrews…

…there’s nothing quite like waking up with our babies.


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