St Andrews

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Photography
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Following an evening with Margaret Cho (tragically undocumented because photography was forbidden), John and I set out on a mini-vacay to St Andrews: our first time back together (and John’s first time back full stop) since we graduated.

It was so strange and lovely to be back – exactly the same, give or take 2,000 new faces.

It was not, however, lovely getting there; due in no small part to the hangover that John was wearing far more gracefully than I was. Just on the left when you walk out of this lane is, by the way…

…72 Market St! The house where our bathroom (by which I mean a flatmate who shall remain nameless) flooded the Tourist Information below us, leaving 9 people to battle it out every day for 1 shower. Fun times.

Right next door: the Thai restaurant, Nahm-Jim. Having overcome my haggis aversion back in Glasgow, the next logical step was to order the “Thai Style” Scottish Haggis right here. If there was a profound difference between the two, it escaped my vulgar palate.

This is Daisy, hard at work in The Millers Tale on South St. We actually went in on a whim and ended up buying a fair few pieces for the house (photos forthcoming when they’re actually affixed to the walls). Our actual destination was Sun-Tan-Drews – a tanning salon so horrendously named that I simply had to preserve it for posterity – only to discover that it has, rather tragically, been renamed “Abetatan” in our absence.

Sunset on our first night.

  1. lindsaytsuji says:

    SO lovely. Oh how I don’t miss living with +4 people!
    I think you need to take me here when I come visit, jah?

    • Mark Liddell says:

      A 9-bedroom house seemed so sensible from a rent point-of-view…and then we had to live in it.
      And yes – for defs! It’s about an hour and a half from Glasgow on the train so we could do it as a day-trip and/or stay a night or two.

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