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Posted: September 9, 2011 in Photography
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Meanwhile, in non-cat-related news…

…psyche! There is nothing in my life that doesn’t involve cats. Actually I just found this picture from Alf’s birthday and couldn’t resist sharing. FML personified.

Following on from Canada, 2011 continues to be the year of the great many reunions: not least among them, this special delivery from Belfast! ♥ After discovering that every Starbucks in Glasgow closes retardedly early on a Monday night, Elaine came back to ours to help me polish off the ice wine from Niagara. There’s currently a thimbleful left in the bottle and – like the umeshu from Naomi – I can’t bring myself to drink it lest I face the painful reality that it’s all gone.

The following day we went out for kaiten sushi…though £300 of shoes and bags later, Elaine began to wonder if John and I were really the best people to go shopping with. After a three-year love affair with ¥100 sushi, I’m always a little reluctant to fork over the prices we charge here in Britain for food that doesn’t live up to its Japanese counterpart. Nonetheless, YO! Sushi is cheaper and better than some, and you definitely won’t find some of their more adventurous items (like the mango & chilli mochi above) on a Japanese menu any time soon.

And speaking of my beloved umeshu donor: 長く待ち望まれた直美とのスカイプデート!さすがtanothikattadethuuuuuuuuu。

In bed with a sexy mamacita…

…and chatting with the tragically camera-less Maureen. I’m basically working my way through the Seattle Skype directory. (Actually, both those conversations took place under the same roof, and with Jez and Maureen now living together, Washington just took a considerable leap in my “must visit” itinerary.)

Not a reunion per se, just John and I headed home after another successful bout of furniture shopping.

It occurs to me that I never actually posted a picture of our finished bookshelves (outwith the one of Alf sitting in them). The house has come a long way since that one Christmas I came back to find John living with nothing but a TV and a mattress.

And – since I’m in the unique (for me) position of actually being up-to-date with my pictures – some photos from when I met Sorcha yesterday! Here she is receiving a shopping list, Charlie’s Angels-like, over the phone. As with the last time we found ourselves on the same continent, Sorcha was sure to update me on all the latest happenings and gossip from Japan (of which there was a surprising lot). It occurs to me though that with Sorcha having joined me in the ex-JET camp, Joy is now my only remaining source into the scandalous lives of Akita’s elite.

After lunch in the West End (and obligatory Starbucks), Sorcha revealed to me the existence of the Botanic Gardens…just off Byres Rd. I really need to brush up on my Glasgow geography. (FAO Lindsay, Chris & Yurie: this is why I was so excited by those black, Canadian squirrels.)

On another sunless day in Scotland, Sorcha ponders the age-old question: how did people ever tell the time here before the invention of clocks?

You can take the ALTs out of Japan…

Aaaaand then a man in a van came along to tell us that the gardens were actually closed and escorted us off the premises. The end!

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