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…or not, as our gender-dysmorphic cousin is about to prove! And – on that note – an excerpt from the original novel: “She won’t answer if you call her Georgina,” explained Anne. “She’s awfully queer, I think.”

Oh, Anne: you don’t know the half of it.

Just in case you were wondering what the Five were planning to do with all that treasure.

As is inevitable when reading Enid Blyton at any point after Rosa Park’s fateful bus ride, one soon runs afoul of fairly glaring racism, sexism, classism and most any other –ism you can think of. In this week‘s instalment, we encounter the hired help, Joanna: who – despite being one of a very limited recurring cast across the 21 Famous Five novels – somehow became “Joan” midway through the series. Oh, those little people – so difficult to keep track. Of course, this seems practically gracious when compared to an Elf named Chinky or three “Gollies” whose names have to be seen to be believed. That Enid – what a brick. (more…)

Enid Blyton is – no joke – the only reason I know the difference between a stoat and a weasel (albeit via the Children of Cherry Tree Farm and not the Famous Five). Oh, the shame of it all.

In last week‘s instalment, we witnessed Aunt Fanny’s questionable childminding skills and her struggle to cope with her daughter, George (née Georgina)’s burgeoning lesbianism. This week, she gives us free license to rummage through her possessions, and the game’s limited scope for understanding written commands once again leads us into an endlessly regressive loop. (“Remove the batteries.” “You don’t have the batteries.” You don’t say.) (more…)

Mix & Match

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Photography
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I’ve been re-watching Alias lately so I’m sure this was inspired on some level by Ms. Bristow’s ever-protean wardrobe.

Click for full size

Get it? Because they’re both lesbians.

Hallo, and welcome back to Famous Five Friday – where I continue to attempt the impossible in actually finishing a Commodore 64 game, and Aunt Fanny continues to deny that her daughter is tipping the Kinsey Scale.


Meanwhile, in non-cat-related news… (more…)

Can’t Hug Every Cat

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Photography
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We always planned on getting three cats. Just not, perhaps, within the space of a week.

So about that… (more…)