Glasgow, PA

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Photography
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Further excitement on the World War Z set. The sound you can hear off-screen is a garbage truck ploughing into a meat van – and, if I’d chosen a better place to stand, you might be doing more than hearing it.

Some more pictures from the set after the cut (including some highlights destined for the IMDb goofs section.)

I think I’ve now seen the Philadelphian equivalent of every emergency vehicle imaginable.

So this guy’s sole job is to spray the pavements with a fire hose to make it look like it’s been raining. This in a country…

…where the skies look like this the majority of the time.

Cheeky wave from the SWAT team.

Aaaand now the promised goofs:

“Centre” City Area might be fine in Glasgow, but I’m afraid it constitutes a FAILadelphia for our American counterparts.

Saltire flying in the wind. Maybe they’re only filming at ground level? Also, I might be wrong about this one, but that banner should read May 17 – Oct 8, no?

Our hose-happy friend looks dangerously close to spraying the troops.

The extras setting up to film the very sequence above.

Stunt car has seen better days.

The aftermath of the crash sequence. (Look, it’s the Crawford’s meat van from before!)

The later they get into filming, the more the streets start to look genuinely post-apocalyptic.

Army jeeps and, um, a winnebago. (There are about four of these parked down a side street so I expect to see it destroyed at some point.)

No zombie apocalypse would be complete without a gun turret. Or the painful memories of Colin and I trying to finish this level of Resident Evil 5 on Professional.

Clearly loving his job.

And finally: my first potential zombie sighting. Yes, it’s a dummy in a car and it might just be your standard-issue corpse but until I see something better, I’m calling it.


On the last day of filming, I paid one final visit to the set.

Potentially important co-star/extra?

Aaaaand then one of the event staff told me that Brad actually left last week; ending my hopes of actually seeing him at all while he was here in Glasgow. Needless to say, I didn’t hang around to watch a bunch of extras running around George Sq.

The End!

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